Ineresting Charts

Lots of stacatto blogging this busy week.

Kevin Hayden has a very interesting chart with A Surprising Find in the List of Median Income By State…and some thoughts about its political significance.

On the subject of interesting charts, I also commend to you Angry Bear's discussion of the US savings rate, How Low Can It Go?”. It's not a pretty picture. Ideas about how to invest one's pennies to ride out the coming train wreck gratefully received.

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  1. ej says:


    Just a cheerful note from a Constant Reader…

    If the train wreck is really bad, no amount of saving will do any good because it will be lost in failures of financial institutions. I just started reading “Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal” by William E. Leuchtenburg. His description of the situation in 1932 is enough to scare me into the middle of next week (there’s time travel for you). Especially interesting is his description of the people to whom the “train wreck” did not matter, like J. P. Morgan.


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