David Howarth, MP

It's David Howarth MP – Thank You Cambridge! (Cambridge Liberal Democrats).

4000 majority! That's huge by British standards. David told me he would win when I saw him a few months ago, but every good politician believes that.

In his acceptance speech, David said: “This has been an extraordinary campaign, an extraordinary day, and an extraordinary result. Cambridge has rejected Tony Blair's war, his tuition fees, his council tax, and his 'third way'.”

David Howarth Liberal Democrat 19,152 44% (+18.9% from 2001)

Anne Campbell Labour 14,813 34% (-11.1%)

Ian Lyon Conservative 7,193 16.5% (-6.4%)

Others 2,411 5.5%

TURNOUT 43,847 62% (+1%)

Congratulations! (Now get a better photo on that web page, please).

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