Is That Legal? No It Is Not!

It is time, again, to praise Is That Legal?

Eric Muller is a public intellectual in the best sense: engaged with real things. I especially recommend the series of posts on under-the-radar Christian propaganda in public schools that not-very-subtly attacks other religions — and is required (or extra credit) reading. The stuff is published and promoted by the Renaissance Learning company, and adopted by schools either because they share the worldview or, more likely, because it comes with convenient little tests that the elementary students can take. I hope Eric will organize these posts onto a separate, easily indexed free-standing page, but until then, if you have a child in public school, or care about the separation of church and state, see Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

And watch out for “Escape from Egypt” or “Journey to Japan” in your elementary school library.

PS. Eric's more recent series of posts attempting to correct rapidly propagating untruths about an element of the the new Pope's biography are good too.

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