Creeping Froomkinization

Kevin Hayden of The American Street reports in a somewhat dazed fashion that he has been Froomkinized.

Yes, a specter is haunting the Blogiverse—the specter of Froomkinization.

You know, that has a ring to it, somehow.

(Actually, the funny thing about this story is that I saw Hayden's Questions a Real Press Would Ask , liked it, and thought the questions would be perfect for Dan's Nieman Watchdog, and sent Dan the URL. So it really was a (somewhat unusual) team effort.)

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One Response to Creeping Froomkinization

  1. Kevin Hayden says:

    Well, yes, Michael, I was aware your referral was at the root of it, which is why I defined it so. And if others are wooried about any nasty side-effects from Froomkinization, I can assure them, it’s a pleasant experience akin to an ego-rub, only lacking a leggy Swedish masseuse to make it perfection.

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