But Enough About Me

I was recently interviewed by someone doing an academic project on academic bloggers. He asked a number of questions I found hard to answer (“Why do you do this?”), and one I found nearly impossible to answer with confidence: “Who are your readers?”

So this is my invitation to you, the reader, to please enter a comment telling me something about who you are. If you don't want to use your name out of modesty or fear of guilt by association, that's fine — tell me where you live, and a little something something about your circumstances.

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  1. mike d says:

    Hey, I get to be first to comment. Long time lurker, first time commenter, I guess…

    I moved down to Miami six months ago, and right before I moved down, I googled “Miami blog”, and this turned up. As a slavish reader of the Washington Post (I’m from DC originally), once I made the connection, well, how could I say no?

    That, and my brother is studying IPR (albeit in music), so ever once in a while I’ll pick up a gem that makes me look intelligent with him.

  2. Orin Kerr says:

    Who reads law professor blogs? Well, other law professor bloggers do.

  3. ej says:

    I retired from NASA in 2003 so have time to read a bunch of blogs daily. I live in a blue state in a blue town. When we see a Bush/Cheney bumpersticker we know it’s someone from out of town. Pictures of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt hang in City Hall. It’s a great place to live.

    The blogs I read daily are arranged in alphabetic order, from Atrios to Yglesias. You follow Fafblog!

  4. Mike says:

    I’m a Stanford PhD student in Computer Science.

  5. Mickey Finn says:

    I’m a musician. Married 35 years and the father of two grown children. I’ve been interested in the law since my Mother started working for a judge when I was very young. Interested in politics because I discovered at an early age that if I wanted to participate in the what my family was always talking about, I had to be. Love your site.

  6. Rob says:

    I’m a computer programmer guy. I’ll be 30 next month. I’m a liberal atheist in constant disappointment with the evil machinations of our government and the ineptitude of our fellow citizens. I’m not an elitist, just a little more optimistic than I probably should be.

  7. Greg says:

    Long time review of the blog, don’t really remember how I stumbled here, Legal Fiction maybe?

    I’m a consultant in the disaster recovery (data) planning and secondary storage vertical. 25. Not really sure how I became interested in politics but I was a political science major in college and history is amongst one of my favorite subjects. I particuarly enjoy the mix of current events/tech/lawyerly stuff (my girlfriend is a lawyer).

  8. yankeedoodle says:

    Retired Army Warrant Officer now living in western Washington State. Attended one year of law school before I realized I didn’t want to spend a second career pole-vaulting over mouse turds. Now I work for a State agency and contend with buckets of mouse turds on a daily basis. Spend my free time blogging, reading other blogs, and occassionally flying small aircraft just for fun.

  9. Heidi says:

    I am a chicken-loving law student.

  10. ian kerr says:

    not just other law professor bloggers, but other law professor bloggers named “kerr” !

  11. Ann Bartow says:

    Yep, other law profs, some who are just “Kerr” wannabes.

  12. dmh says:

    Middle-age, male, white, lawyer, fed. gov. employee in DC, left leaning, etc.

  13. Orin Tresnjak says:

    I’m a college student at UM (where M=Maryland). Comp Sci major. No idea how I got here, but it’s always been interesting.

  14. DrLaniac says:

    Computer Systems Admin/Consultant, web developer. San Francisco Bay Area. 40ish and leftish. Been reading your site for quite a while. I think it was my mom who recommended your site to me. Liked what I saw and stayed on.

  15. I’m a PhD student in Culture & Communication at NYU studying the philosophy of technology and exploring how information and communications technologies are a crucial medium for asserting social, political, and moral values such as freedom, autonomy, justice, privacy, and democracy.

  16. Neal says:

    I’m a law clerk in North Carolina.

  17. Lindsay says:

    I am a law clerk in Miami with professorial aspirations.

  18. Kim McGinnis says:

    I’m a 4o year-old, white, middle-class lesbian lawyer from Ann Arbor.

  19. Bob Prior says:

    I am the Executive Editor at MIT Press and have been following your work since we met at a CFP in Chicago in 1994 or so.

  20. Slashjc says:

    I am a former student of yours, Professor Froomkin, from your first civil procedure class at UM. I am now a federal prosecutor, and very thankful for all of your coverage of the outrageous torture/detention policies of the current administration.

  21. MF says:

    Patent attorney in the DC area

  22. MF says:

    Patent attorney in the DC area

  23. Kwame M'Buku says:

    My name is Kwame M’Buku, and I am a bank manager in Nigeria…

    No, I’m a privacy advocate who enjoys your work, and appreciates your coverage of torture and other such issues.

  24. Laurie says:

    I am an artist/painting conservator, mother,politically involved resident of an island in Maine. I found your site while researching a topic during an online argument in one of the political discussion forums. Its really helpful to read a lawyer’s point of view on some of the issues of the day.

  25. Richard Campbell says:

    I’m a computer programmer in Atlanta, in law school at Georgia State University at nights. I’m involved with various liberal organizations and I read far too many blogs.

  26. turbonerd says:

    I’m a biological scientist working at a university in upstate New York.
    I’ve been interested in constitutional law issues since a (required) class
    my first undergrad year got me to understand the role of the supreme court.
    I appreciate the good work you are doing with this web-log.
    Also, I appreciate the high signal:noise ratio you maintain here!

  27. arthur stock says:

    Practicing attorney in Philadelphia who sometimes wishes he was a law professor, reads blogs a few minutes a day, and recognized your name from being in some of the same classes undergrad 20+ years ago.

  28. AB says:

    I’m a 1L at UM. I found your blog when I did a google search for University of MIami Law School a while back.

  29. Kevin says:

    41 years old, married, three kids. I’m a graphic designer in Vancouver BC.

  30. Matt says:

    JD/PhD Student in law and philosophy at Penn- I think I first came here through a link by Brian Lieter.

  31. TTop says:

    I’m a 33-year-old male, married software engineer from Seattle.

  32. rachel says:

    Computer Systems manager… Dallas TX
    Was given the link by my sister in the Seatle area. She is the brains in the family.
    I am my companies token heretic and liberal.

  33. Ereshkigal says:

    I’m a health law/public policy attorney in Oklahoma, where I work for a consortium of social service non-profits.

  34. phil says:

    I’m a middle aged graphic design, with an fine arts degree. I don’t ‘think like a lawyer’ so I’m facinated by a legal take on all the news that flows around us. I too am a proud member of the reality-based community, in the blue state of Minnesota.

  35. george says:

    65; lawyer since 1966; bored with it; about ready to do something else. Rural area of Central Texas. Would rather write, garden, haul manure for the garden, and party with friends than do this law stuff for much longer. In fact, I am fed up with my law practice getting in the way of my REAL career goals. I read you, among other “thinking” blogs like Legal Fiction and Balken, for the good writing, the intelligence underlying the writing, and your keen analytical skills. Keep it up, please.

  36. Tom says:

    28 year old bookkeeper in LA, started reading your brother’s column a while back, then ended up here somehow. Wish I could send your parents a thank-you note. Bravo!

  37. Donald A. Coffin says:

    Since you asked–

    Economics professor at a regional campus of a state university system. Primary interests are labor economics, sports economics, urban economic development.

    And rational, fact-based responses to the political/economic/legal issues of the day.

  38. David Margolies says:

    Math Phd (UC Berkeley, 1977), works for a software company in Oakland CA. Found you from Atrios’s blog list. (Wish you would comment more on guantanamo, padilla, etc.)

  39. ruidh says:

    I’m a liberal-leaning, middle aged, male actuary from the Northeast. I follow an eclectic collection of blogs on law, science, religion, culture, technology and policy and this is one of my favorites.

  40. Kent says:

    I am a 62 year old male computer support engineer living and working near Denver CO. Don’t recall how I originally linked to your blog, but most likely it was a link from another blog.

  41. spencer says:

    U Wash. Law (1977); legal aid lawyer in Oregon.

  42. Retired technical writer with a web log of my own (at it on the internet in one form or another since 1978), one-time Chicago reporter who covered crime, criminal courts, and Mayor Daley (the real Mayor Daley), former editorial minion at the Harvard Center for Law and Education. Massachusetts liberal from deepest south Georgia.

  43. John says:

    54 YO electrical engineer in MD, can’t remember how I first got here (to your blog, that is) — I bounce around a lot but there’s a definite core I read almost daily. I think I already have a good handle on science/technical stuff from other sources, so I tend to read blogs with other points of view (law – yours among others, economics – the Brads, Angry Bear, Max, Quiggen, other subject areas similarly).

  44. Deborah says:

    56 year old psychotherapist in Santa Cruz, CA area. Very liberal. 5 children – aged 26 and up. I find your take on current legal issues interesting and appreciate the occasional info updates on Mozilla. First found you through your brother’s WP blog. The legal goings-on in FL probably were the initial attraction but I’ve stayed to check in daily to read your thoughts. BTW – you’re a good writer too.

  45. Nell Lancaster says:

    53-year-old political activist and gardener; female, western Virginia. First came to the blog to read your posts on the OLC torture memos. I’m addicted to blogs (a regular reader since 1997), and yours is a regular stop.

  46. Paul says:

    I’m an UM law school grad from the class of 81. Going on 20 years as an Assistant Public Defender, working up Hwy. 27 a ways. I’m quite liberal. Not suprisingly based on my career. (Though we have a few APDs who are quite conserative) Not sure how I found your blog but it is one of the few I read.

  47. amici says:

    I’m not a lawyer or a professor. I’m a 33yo, married woman, sales account executive from Boston. I don’t remember how I found your site, but it’s always been a good read. I never post, so I wanted to say thanks for the work you put into your blog. It’s appreciated!

  48. Desert Donkey says:

    University IT administrator in the inland northwest. Late 40’s married. LIfelong liberal. Sometimes Democratic party actiivist. Prior careers in economic and business.

    I read about 10 blogs regularly, of which you are one.

  49. Francis says:

    41 yr old land use / water rights attorney in Southern California. Moderately liberal. Found this blog thru Volokh’s links. Visit about once a week. (And I can be found infesting the comments at Obsidian Wings.)

  50. Becca says:

    Middle-aged white woman. Political junkie. Interested enough in the law that I considered going to law school in my 40s but decided against it. One of my hobbies: reading Supreme Court opinions. Another hobby: reading blogs.

  51. Steve says:

    Middle aged white guy working in Chicago (commercial finance)…married with two young kids…

  52. Mary Stromberg says:

    Occupation: Drafting at home. 51 years old Auburn AL now, lived in Florida for 50 years.

    Read you daily, like your perspective; if it raises itself high enough to get your attention, I pay attention. Thanks to your wife and family who must have to give a little to accomodate this…….I appreciate them, too.


  53. Kenneth Fair says:

    I’m an attorney in Houston, Texas, now writing practitioner’s guides for lawyers. I’ve increased my interest in law and politics over the past couple of years, and also have a side interest in technology law, which you cover with some regularity. You have a sensible, readable style that I enjoy. Plus, I have family in Florida, so I like to keep tabs on the state…

  54. C.B. says:

    College-age lady attending university in a red state. Moderately liberal. My field is psychology but I am also an absolute political junkie.

  55. John Ferguson says:

    I’m a retired college librarian. I live in Garland, Texas.

    John Ferguson

  56. TJ McIntyre says:

    Yet another legal academic.

  57. Paul Gowder says:

    Main gig: Civil rights lawyer. Other gigs: activist, technogeek, writer, troublemaker. On the east coast, possible future (5+ yrs) professorial ambitions, yadda yadda.

  58. Joe Liu says:

    Yet another lawprof.

  59. hilzoy says:

    See here. (Philosophy prof.) And thanks for your blog.

  60. Jeff Cooper says:

    Another law professor here (at Indiana University–Indianapolis), and a blogger on-and-off since May 2002.

  61. Robert Folsom says:

    I am a student in your Administrative Law class who could not get enough of you in class. I wanted more and you are giving it to me on this blog.

  62. Gwendolyn High says:

    Sister to Rachel who listed above. How did she get here before me today?
    Started adult life as a holographer/electro optics tech. That was three carreer changes ago. I lead a small/determined/somewhat effective group of neighbors fighting for long-term, rational transportation and urban planning from a variety of undercover programming day jobs hidden inside some of the larger mega-corps in the Puget Sound area. 35. white. married. childfree. hoping to be accepted at the UW (Washington) this fall so I can finally get started on the next thing I want to be when I grow up.
    Got here from BoingBoing (I think). Read daily. Grew up in the most conservative family I have ever known – reading Newsweek and USNews since grade school in my grandfather’s shop. Moved far, far away from that in several dimensions, but the political fascination stuck. Love your analysis and your references. Like Mary said – THANKS TO YOUR FAMILY for sharing you with us!!

  63. A. C. Austin says:

    Freelance writer in Portland, OR, soon to be a graduate student in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Department.

  64. Deborah says:

    I am a 55 year old woman who lives in California (the Bay Area). I read your blog because you make me think. I appreciate your legal expertise, and I think you write vey well.

  65. Jamie says:

    Brooklyn based small technology business owner, 32 years old. Been reading your output on various mailing lists ever since a CFP some time back. Libertarian with Democrat leanings.

  66. BroD says:

    male, 63, secular jewish and progressive family background, university registrar, in second marriage. occasional activist (more in past than present.) mid-atlantic region.

  67. Larry Staton Jr. says:

    I am a paralegal at a small IP firm during the day and a law student at night in Orlando, Florida. I read your article on your Web site regarding which classes to take during law school. Indeed, solely on the impression you made with your various IP-related Web sites, I applied and was accepted to UM. I was prepared to matriculate until I saw the cost of tuition. Ouch. Perhaps I could take Administrative Law over the Web…

  68. idook says:

    Male, 40, systems administrator, Silly Valley, immigrant from the northern edge of Europe. I added your blog to my list during your torture posts.

  69. Mojo says:

    Retired Air Force Intelligence; now defense contractor in West Texas. Usually the only liberal in the room. Found you from Eric Muller’s site.

  70. Max says:

    I grew up in the South, got an Ivy-League degree, and am now a law student in Philadelphia. I don’t remember how I got to this blog, but it was through liberal politics, not the law, but I stay for both, and for the occassional crazy link, like PostSecret.

  71. Jon says:

    So here I am reading this *twenty-seven minutes* after you posted it, and already you’ve got seventy responses . . .

    Jon Weinberg

  72. Jon says:

    Oops — that was one day and twenty-seven minutes. Never mind.

  73. Bret Fausett says:

    I used to care who my readers were. I think all new bloggers do, so I’m not surprised a reporter asked. But I no longer think it matters. It wouldn’t change what or how I write.

    Bret Fausett
    Los Angeles Lawyer

  74. lakelobos says:

    58, Israeli-Jewish, left-left wing (not European style, i.e. not an anti-Semite), professor, engineering, DC, 3 adult kids, son of holocaust survivor, law through expert witnessing

  75. Andrew says:

    Somehow discovered you during my undergraduate days at the University of Miami (College of Engineering). I grew up in Coral Gables–I saw you at a city public meeting once. I’ve lived in DC and am now living in England. My brother is a 2L at UM Law. I’ve encouraged him to take your classes, even to apply to be your assistant, but he isn’t interested–he’s heard you assign 100 pages of reading a night and is for some reason put off by your ever-present bow tie. His loss. I like reading your blog to discover further parallels in our lives, hear news of home, and gather interesting tidbits of news and opinion.

  76. Christof says:

    I’m 19 and a student of neurobiology at the University of Texas. Found your site doing research for my social science class earlier this semester. (The class is taught by Benjamin Gregg, who has written articles on indeterminacy in jurisprudence among others things.) Awesome blog!

  77. Adam Riggall says:

    21 year old left-leaning Computer Science and Neuroscience student at Dartmouth.

  78. michael says:

    Male, software quality engineer, married but separated, resident of the 36th District in Seattle, Soviet of Washington. In Germany, I’d probably be a mild Social Democrat; in the US, I’m a dangerous radical, one part lefty, one part yellow-dog, and either way a born-to Democrat from a red state.

  79. Brian says:

    67-year old professor of history & archaeology, 4 children, 7 grandchildren.

  80. Case says:

    I was your research assistant for three semesters while attending UM’s school of law, and I have been reading this blog since its inception.

  81. ABCJr says:

    lawyer in a small firm in the East Bay of San Francisco, represent local public agencies. 47/married/3 stepkids/Democrat/Catholic, etc. Found this blog through a search on the torture memos and was so impressed with the analysis that I linked the site and have been checking in ever since.

  82. Mackenzie says:

    I’m a 28-year old 1L (for a couple weeks, anyway) at the University of Wyoming.

  83. VA1L says:

    22 year old 1L at Washington and Lee University

  84. CHARLES BEX says:

    I am a automotive techncian. I am in school for C.J. associates to start. I finished my Crime Scene Technician certificate. I am interested in learning how our private phone calls can be used against us. How the Patriot Act is killing the Bill Of Rights and why the AMERICA Constitution is falling apart. Will it ever get better?

  85. Sally says:

    I’m a J.D./Ph.D. (English) and a public official (Chapel Hill, N.C., Town Council). Also, as of this fall, an adjunct prof at UNC Law teaching a course in civil rights law and rhetoric. I think it’s cool that you’re into Habermas.

  86. lakelobos says:

    Professor of computer science in DC. Interested in politics, labor movements, complex organizational systems (research) and IP/Patent legal cases as applied to computers and especially software technology.

  87. Jerry Monaco says:

    I have read a few of your law review articles. I am a former free lance writer who now only writes on the web and a middle aged graduate of Cardozo Law School who after the first year of law school didn’t like the idea of practicing law. I don’t know what made me go back to law school but somehow I did at age 42. Strange, but I should have known because I grew up in a law school, living with my parents in married student housing while my father went to the University of Miami Law School, circa 1963.

    My interests are mainly philosophical but if you could somehow turn law into poetry and then maybe I could write about law.

    Your subject of administrative law was my second favorite subject in law school. My first was conflict of laws. If I could choose to teach any two subjects it would be these two. (Though John Ashberry makes more sense than most conflict of laws cases.)

    The reason I came to your weblog was to read about the ‘torture memos’ which I have been writing about lately on my weblog.

    Jerry Monaco
    New York

  88. Rudolf says:

    36 years old, philosopher, jurist and ex-Publishing Editor from Holland.
    Currently writing a PhD thesis on the effect of the Internet on state power and its consequences for theories of state formation/development.

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  90. Christine Hurt says:

    Law professor blogger
    friend of and co-blogger w/ C.B.
    compatriot in the culture wars
    Mom, runner, scrapbooker (extraordinaire)

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  92. LACJ says:

    US attorney, 37, male, based in Shanghai. I focus on foreign investment, labor law, contract law. I am disgusted and amazed at what our nation has come to, and thank you for your activism.

  93. beautiful says:

    English prof who blogs (ir)regularly and reads other academic blogs. But oddly enough I got to you via google while looking for a list of charities that Dreamhost (my hosting service) listed in the last year.

  94. richard says:

    Expat, Yokohama, Japan.

  95. RedWolf says:

    Teaching computer science at a DC university. I am Yellow Dog Blue. Trying to find in blogs what is badly missing in today’s media: decency, outspokenness, in-your-face to whatever administration is in power. I find most blogs almost as bad as the media. I like this one because it is personal and decent; its writing quality is good too (the media is bad writing). I also like Kleiman, Eric Muller and am fed up with Crooked Timber, Brad Delong for being too esoteric and contain posts as long as the Potomac. Have no affinity towards the mainstream of Blue blogging – preaching, and they really preach, to the choir is as interesting as a middle of the week service in shul.

  96. Jim Carlson says:

    UM law grad, Class of ’01
    Former Froomkin student (Admin Law, 2000 (+/- a year!))
    40 years old; Husband, father of 2
    Coast Guard Officer/Judge Advocate
    Right now (2005) teaching undergrad law at US Coast Guard Academy.

  97. Saira Syed says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Lets see…where do I start..there is so much to say..so many issues to cover…its overwhelming.
    George W. Bush….nothing ever sticks on him…lied to the nation about Iraq, stole the elections, not once but twice. Had been on vacation most of the time before 9/11, and guess where he was when Hurricane Katrina was to hit. Thats right..no points for guessing….’A working Vacation’. Failed to react and act immediately even after being talked to by Mayor Nagin, even after knowing fully well, the extent of impact caused by Hurricane Katrina. Did us all a HUGE favor by calling his vacation short by all those (2) days. Had systematically eaten into/ cut the financial bugdets of so many agencies its mind boggling…the FEMA, the Army corps of Engineers (whose budget was slashed by 41%, these guys are responsible for the levee’s), diverted BILLIONS of dollars to IRAQ, not to mention the NATIONAL GUARD, has given $250 BILLION, yes B I L L I O N to Israel, in the last 30 years(your and mine hard earned tax money) , repeatedly lied about creating a great response team for natural/man-made disasters, infringed upon numerous civil rights in the name of fighting terror (Patriotic Act 1 & 2). Mismanaged Fiscal policies by his TAX CUTS that come at the cost of Social programs, my gosh, the list is endless…….
    What is the first thing, our Commander-in-chief does in response to HURRICANE KATRINA, he relaxes the EPA laws to enable oil companies produce more oil and endanger the environment more.
    Second thing, he does is meets with ALAN GREENSPAN to see the effect on the economy this will cause. All this while people wait on their roof tops and attics with water upto their necks…waiting for him to act and send help. The help arrives but 7 days late. Thats right 7 days late. Killing all those helpless people who had hoped that help would arrive sooner and they could be saved. BUSH Adminstration has blood on its hands…….
    In comes the MEDIA…fox,cnn,nbc, all all those in between…..they tell us, even if the levee’s had been repaired and managed New Orleans could not have been saved. Right, you immediately know who those guys are working for, they are working their asses to save the BUSH Administration’s face.
    They never ask the real questions……just enough to keep us thinking that they are doing a wonderful job. the MEDIA led us to believe that Iraq had WMD which led to billions of dollars being diverted to IRAQ and other BUSH fantasies, they are equal partner in crime. The media my fellow Americans has blood on their hands. They are slowly trying to assasinate Mayor Ray Nagin’s character and shove blame on him, but American people have bene fooled way to many times, this time, they are not buying.
    Mayor Ray Nagin, acted when he could, called for a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, imagine if he had not done so Imagine New Orleaners going about in their city as they did….Imagine the Tens of thousands of lives that would have been lost…All those lives all those people that left the city because of the Mandatory Evacuation, all those peoples lives were saved by one man…MAYOR RAY NAGIN. He did organize buses to take people out those who did not have cars..but people are poeple they did not leave for so many reasons. He did whatever he could…now he is being gone after because he made the BUSH Administration get up from its sweet slumber, and forced them to act…Making the BUSH Admin do its job is a grave sin, my fellow americans. And like so many of you, I will be heart broken if of all people Ray Nagin pays for it.
    God be with the evacuess of New Orleans, and God bless all those people helping in this time of need.
    (p.s. I could write a book right now, but am just overwhelmed)

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  99. Joaquim Barbera says:

    US born from Barcelonans studying their Ph.D.’s in Northwestern University. Back in the metropolis I became a lawyer, now working in-house for a pharma company. Thirty-four years old, father of 2. I first visited this blog searching for information about the legal reasoning behind the invasion of Iraq. Indeed, although I do commercial law for a living, what I really enjoy analyzing (as a jurist) is the interaction of norms and politics (this last term understood in the classic, non-partisan sense). Since Prof. Froomkin also seems to appreciate this kind of analysis, I visit regularly.

  100. beatrice says:

    Hi here, just been feeling so depressed I am a lawyer of 13 years standing now 45 and considered intelligent but kind of wasted my time between 30 and now when i got married and was under orders not to work or do anything. This marriage crashed and I now need to work but everyone thinks I am too old for a job and this is sending me crazy is the world so hard out here. Where do I go after this terrible exit from the outside world now I am back in it with no where to go to. I am worried any one there willing to help. I am a nigerian not a scammer please.

  101. The “EU” has no right to negotiate for rights to control the internet. I am from Europe and it is important for those outside Europe to recognise that this organisation does not represent Europeans – it has never been elected by us. As for trying to control the internet – this is typical of these people. I would urge your government to have nothing to do with them – keep the internet free!

  102. Sean Hugo says:

    This is scary, these sort of people are everywhere and are working toghether to secure their power. And I am no conspiracy theorist, I’m someone who has eventually come to this sort of conclusion after a long time of deliberation and of coming across unbelievable things.

    We’re in for an interesting next 20-50 years…

  103. Greg Hoffman says:

    You have to diversify your reading list – That’s why I read this blog.

  104. Ghadeer says:

    Dear Sir,

    It’s me Ghadeer, 24 From iran. I am in LOve with Discourse. So i found your website. let me ask you a question: can you help me on giving some information regarding the Discourse-based approach to writing????????

    I would appreciate if you or anyone of your readers could do me this faivor. I am actually in need.


  105. Fhamida says:

    ummm… i just Media and Cultural studies student, just looking for some answers… i guess!

  106. Fhamida says:

    ummm… i just Media and Cultural studies student, just looking for some answers… i guess!

  107. otravez says:

    Discourse.net was linked from Progressive Blog Digest http://pbd.blogspot.com

  108. molly says:

    29 year-old collection attorney in orlando.

  109. DML says:

    former student (administrative law, spring 2002); currently a law clerk in new york city. like the sense of humor, critical thought & miami updates; amused at the bow tie icon.

  110. Meg says:

    I am 22 year old waitress in Sooke. In my leisure time I study the philosophy of technology, knowledge and power.

  111. Anonymous says:

    White female working in commercial real estate in Chicago, big fan of your brother’s Post column. Almost completely disgusted with the MSM, always searching for the truth. I love Jesus (no, seriously, I’m not being ironic), squirrels, dark chocolate, Patrick Fitzgerald’s bald spot.

  112. SamW says:

    I am a high school senior torn between naval engineering and anthropology (specializing in linguistics and ethnology). I recently registered to vote for the very first time, and seek to become as informed and responsible as feasibly possible. I enjoy surveying a variety of views and debates.

  113. JoshS says:

    Miami attorney and former student of the Prof. A big fan of energy innovation and independence, and public education, sans unconstitutional vouchers. Intimidated by the bow-tie.

  114. I am a Law Student from the Midwest with a socially, philosophically, and politically oriented blog, who hopes to become an appeals attorney in Chicago.

  115. Dan B says:

    I’m Professor Froomkin’s research assistant. I’m inspired by the bow-tie.

  116. Clemente says:

    I am a 27 year old lawyer, with an LLM from the University of Miami. Currently I live in Ecuador, and I practice corporate and financial law. A few years ago I took a class at UM with proffesor Froomkin, since then I am a regular reader of discourse.net.

  117. Liza says:

    i am a UM student and ex-Admissions Office occupant; just discovered discourse through picketline. . . or was it the law school strike blog?

  118. Geoff Neri says:

    Wow. I can’t believe so many people read this blog (with all due respect to Prof. Froomkin). We really are a bunch of navel gazers (lawyers, that is). I’m presently an associate at a DC law firm, soon to be clerk on the Third Circuit.

  119. Greg Black says:

    I’m a 59 year old software developer from Brisbane, Australia. I’m a left wing atheist with strong concerns about the state of the world and real worries about the path being followed by the US. I’m always interested in finding evidence that America is more than Bush and Business. I was pleased to discover Discourse.net from a link on Making Light. I almost never comment on other people’s blogs, but was interested in this invitation to introduce myself. And I almost never read blog comments. I have enough trouble finding the time to read the principal posts without taking a great deal more to wade through comments which I have found to be almost universally not worth the extra effort. I’m looking forward to adding Discourse.net to my regular reading.

  120. Fspider says:

    25 y/o labour organizer presently working in Ontario, Canada. Wandered in looking for strike coverage and stayed.

  121. Yifat says:

    Law student from isreal

  122. yasmine says:

    I am orig from eastern Europe and new one on the block,and teaching special ed,second graders in wonderful sunny Florida/this is a great experience.I have lived in 5 different countries prior here.Now US is my home.
    As far as teaching goes.I also have another certification in History,should have gone to law school.but I enjoy what I am doing now,I am also enrolled in graduate school and now single,very active in community .I do yoga and run in my spare time.I am 40.Now you know more about me ,I am fighting for a good cause.I think people should be more aware of disability rights of ESE children and their education ,just sending money to easter seals is not enough. so much things could be done.spend an hr in a month in a nonprofit org for a cause,be volunteer like me.
    I love your comments Dr Froomkin.It really makes my day.

  123. CIM says:

    I am a shitkicker at a small engineering works.

  124. 17 y/o Canadian from Duncan, BC. Making the transition from highschool to an English degree at UNBC. This website is probably my most boring dirty little secret.

  125. tld_holden says:

    recent ucla grad (english) in the unfamiliar territory of having to find a job.

    great site, my kind of liberalism. i like salon.com too but it’s getting a tad preachy and cute.

  126. Freshman Law Student in the University of the Philippines.

    This blog saves me from becoming emo while drowning in cases.

  127. texasbush55 says:

    Nice to meet you all. Let me introduce myself… please watch my politically ‘incorrect’ video.. I hope you find it amusing..

  128. Wilder says:

    Everyday, I learn. Thank you for this blog. 31yo woman, Fort Lauderdale native. Liberal, proud of it.

  129. Betty says:

    I´am law student.

  130. Education says:

    I’m in LA, found this site about 6 months ago doing a search on some random topic and just recently have started digging deeper and depepr into this site, as time has permitted. So, that’s me!

  131. aidan says:

    Northern Irish exile … married and living in Ontario … reformed Bush backer … this blog was one of a number that helped me to clarify the true nature of Bush admin workings. Ever grateful.

  132. Donna says:

    Another law prof — & your colleague.

  133. howard says:

    I am a gay, liberal UM law graduate practicing immigration law. I wish I had taken one of your classes while I was a student. Administrative law would have been very useful.

  134. Jeff Donner says:

    I’m a lawyer who recently opened my own firm. Donner Law Firm PL is a dispute resolution and litigation firm concentrating in the areas of commercial, administrative, and government litigation.

    I have undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida. I practiced with big firms for about 6.5 years before spending 14 months in the City of Miami Beach City Attorney’s Office. I got some great experience practicing with those large organizations, and I finally made the leap. Wish me luck–better yet, refer me potential clients. Miami is an expensive place to live.

  135. KCSheehan says:

    Short, white, leftist, feminist law professor.

  136. KCSheehan says:

    Short, white, leftist, feminist law professor.

  137. Lindata says:

    Retired, computer-type, left-leaning artist and SF Bay Area home cook who started following political blogs daily in 2000. Since then legal issues have become more and more serious. As I am sure you know.

  138. Disoriented says:

    I’m a PhD student finishing my dissertation on the discourse/ideology of hate violence, law and culture. Born and raised in San Francisco, lived in Los Angeles for graduate school, and now a resident of Arlington, VA teaching part-time at George Mason University.

  139. Dave B says:

    Political junkie (caused by being raised in Ottawa, Canada). Starting the blog thing and learning more everyday. Not much more to learn about politics-if it stinks (you know the rest).

  140. Joe says:

    I’m an ALJ in Washington, DC. Draft lottery number 353 in 1971. J.D. in 1977.

  141. DDRL says:

    Once a copyfree blogger (on your voices list), now turned money burning commercial communications lawyer from Europe. Not just ready to jump back in the blogosphere.

  142. mmf says:

    Non-traditional (over 40) Rutgers University 3L

  143. James Gaites says:

    Hey — your link to my story, “Life and Death in NYC: Three Days in the Life of an RNC Protester” – that link is dead. I wouldn’t mind giving you the story here directly so you don’t have to worry about other web sites dying off over time. Please email me back if you’d like it again.

    Best Regards,
    Jim Gaites
    Arlington, VA

  144. anca codreanu says:

    I am a PhD student working on my dissertation interested in how rhetoric relates to laws and contracts, and in discourse of course.

  145. Richard Campbell says:

    “I’m a computer programmer in Atlanta, in law school at Georgia State University at nights. I’m involved with various liberal organizations and I read far too many blogs.
    Posted by: Richard Campbell at April 22, 2005 10:24 AM”

    Huh. I must have missed the 2006 and 2007 versions. But what the hell: now I’m a lawyer in Atlanta, less involved with various liberal organizations based on time commitments, but still reading far too many blogs.

  146. ot says:

    Retired civil servant with interests in Fla politics and human rights.

  147. PhD student, specializing in literature and philosophy, but fascinated by the law. I came across your student note on the unitary executive, really liked it, and started reading the blog.

  148. kevin g says:

    2L at UM, married, with a kid on the way – and trying to survive the exam period coming up…

  149. SH says:

    I am a bureaucrat/lawyer in Tallahassee. (FLORIDA STATE! FLORIDA STATE! FLORIDA STATE!) I first met you through mutual work on privacy and technology issues, but now read your blog to get a heads-up on events and issues, such as treatment of the Guantanamo detainees and what it takes to get home repairs done in Miami.

  150. jg says:

    I’m a 36 year-old social worker in Salt Lake City, UT. I’ve been reading this site for several years and have no recollection of how I found it.

  151. Adam says:

    30 year old artist.

  152. Janal Kalis says:

    Patent Attorney in Minneapolis; Develop software on the side. Latest venture is http://www.patentbuddy.com

  153. Chuck says:

    61 year old, White, Male, Married for 33 years IN A ROW!, two Awesome kids, and I’m a Grandpa, High Tech Systems Analyst in the computer field, Liberal, 20 year military vet, everything from Intel to sitting in an ICBM control capsule up in Grand Forks with my finger on the Key ( It’s a key, not a button ). Enjoy watching your observations on Law and Life , aka Lex Legis et Vita. I guess 2 semesters of Latin One in High School wasn’t entirely wasted. Like Physics, Math, Computers and Nancy, not necessarily in that order.

  154. TD says:

    2002 UM Law School graduate, working as senior associate at large antitrust shop in DC, and working on my Ph.D in History with hopes of joining the ranks of academia. My scholarly interest-Supreme Court history, specifically the Fuller Court and free speech/antitrust jurisprudence

  155. Lindata says:

    Retired 62 year old female MIT graduate living in the silicon valley (my husband and I have lived here nearly 40 years and totally avoided making lots of money). I cook, do art, read lefty blogs and await grandchildren.

  156. jodyinparis says:

    went to law school long ago to save the world (that turned out well); came to paris on a sabbatical for cooking classes, met someone and stayed. am much happier as a medical/scientific translator than I ever was as a lawyer. probably got here from Brad DeLong, long long ago — he sent me here and to Making Light — maybe i should thank him some day.

  157. kay gus says:

    52 year-old male; live in Phoenix; single; straight; semi-retired (no previous career, just a succession of jobs); college-educated (even though I can’t write full sentences); politically aware since 1968, but never actively involved; registered “independent”, but on the mainstream left (what used to be called “mainstream” — Barney Frank comes closest to my political preferences).

  158. BR says:

    Law clerk in Montgomery, AL with professorial aspirations as well…

  159. kgus says:

    52 year-old male; live in Phoenix; single; straight; semi-retired (no previous career, just a succession of jobs); college-educated (even though I can’t write full sentences); politically aware since 1968, but never actively involved; registered “independent”, but on the mainstream left (what used to be called “mainstream” — Barney Frank comes closest to my political preferences).

  160. You are all Sheep says:

    Attorney of 1 year, I come to this website to laugh at Froomkins ignorant and offensive postings. I also laugh at how anyone can take this dude seriously. I don’t know what is worse, the ones who actually think Bush is a good president, and the one’s who actually think Froomkin has anything intellectual and intelligent to say! lol

    I think the latter is worse… but then again who am I to judge.

  161. Australian, male, 62, retired judge, blogger.

  162. John says:

    Magazine editor (architecture), 69, with ’60s-’80s background in computer systems research and lively lifelong interests in law, poetry, engineering and the visual arts.

  163. Leah says:

    54 year old law librarian, retired USAF JAG, and semi-expert on the PATRIOT Act. I’ve been reading your blog for years; I’m especially interested in the torture issues and other civil rights “stuff.”

  164. kmh says:

    Middle-aged geek living in Canada, technical writer by trade. I often attend CFP and other conferences of that ilk, which should explain how my interests overlap with yours. We’ve met; you know the person to whom I’m married.

  165. mehmet says:

    30 y, journalist based in Brussels, met Dr Froomkin last Feb in Miami to get a lesson on American federalism and reading (from time to time) his blog to get some inspiration. The best is when he is commenting some current judicial affairs.

  166. Just someone says:

    Software engineer by day, hopping risky startups since 1996.

    By night, robot experimenter, sponsor of illegal NYC warehouse events, proud Santa and zombie, and the sort of person who spends nine months preparing for Burning Man, not to mention the after party.

    And yes, at 35, I’m finding it difficult to keep up. On both fronts. I very nearly went to law school three years ago. Ultimately, I’m glad I didn’t, I think. That said, software bores me at this point.

    Waiting for that ‘hit’ on the work front, but even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be retiring to cheap land and a new career of some sort in five or so years. If nothing else, it is much easier to blow things up and make complicated, potentially dangerous machines without attracting the wrong sort of attention when you’re not in NYC.

    I’ve followed tech-legal issues since I started doing tech. Used to subscribe to the cypherpunks list (it was good for humor, at least), and would like to find a way to contribute more to actual, functional ways of defining, defending, and entrenching civil liberties in what looks to be an even stranger future than we were guessing at 15 years ago.

  167. MMF says:

    3L at Rutgers University. Been reading for at leat a year. Don’t remember what the link was.

  168. Floridan says:

    Male, 61, consultant and writer (architecture, urban planning and historical preservation); South Florida resident.

  169. MTF says:

    I started reading during law school, a couple of years ago probably, and I’m in a clerkship now.

  170. BillJ says:

    Chicago area, 59; software developer & consultant; onetime lit student and librarian; atheist & leftie; lover of the arts; citizen of the world; closely following news and issues of civil liberties and human rights.

  171. Sue Ann says:

    nearing 60, “faculty slave” er… I mean document delivery assistant/pseudo researcher/pseudo reference person at UM School of Law Library.

  172. George says:

    Followed a link once a few years ago, probably Atrios to your site. Enjoyed the eclectic collection of information. As a former Miami resident I enjoy the local info too.

    Let’s Go Canes!

    P.S. Can you overnight me a medianoche?

    From the hinterlands of Northern Nevada

  173. Lisa says:

    61 year old Virginian, happily in her fifth career, as a 3D computer programmer (what a long, strange trip it’s been).

    Found you a couple years ago via a family recommend. (Actually found your brother’s WaPo column from one of your links.)

    Stop by a couple times a week, always interesting and informative; Japanese Smoke on the Water made my day – Thanks!

  174. JudiPhilly says:

    I’m a health law attorney from Philly (who still loves what she does after many years at it), who meandered here a year or so ago and decided to stay around.

    I’m a political junkie (still mad at my state for being responsible for keeping the democratic primary going) and I also keep up with the various constitutional legal issues that have been discarded by the current people in charge. Hardly ever write about health care/law — too much like work.

  175. Male, 35, lifelong resident of Tallahassee (except for a couple of years).

    Adjunct professor at two colleges in north Florida, blogger and activist.

    More importantly, husband and father of three young sons.

  176. Gapik says:

    Male, DC, Federal Government Attorney. Thanks for the great posts, please keep it up…

  177. TCS says:

    I’m an MA candidate at the University of Chicago.

    There are two philosophical/literary/cultural/religious spoof videos on my website I think you & your readers might appreciate. (http://www.youtube.com/kleistgeistzeit) One is “Wishmaster Misheard Odysseus’ Idealist Alchemical Revolution” and the other is the less exalted, short and sweet Badiou video.

  178. Janie Meiss says:

    39 y.o Computer Programmer, in the corporate cube environ to for many years.

  179. Lindata says:

    Retired female IT person who now creates art and reads lefty blogs…you and firedoglake for the legal take on things.

  180. MJC says:

    English, 22 y/o media studies graduate, who spent most of that time reading and writing about Habermas. Now about to start a Master’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

    I came across this blog last week, after returning from a trip stateside to find one of those TSA ‘We’ve searched your bag’ cards in my suitcase. I was reading around on the legal issues surrounding these searches, and was impressed by the level of discussion that I found in the comment threads.

  181. Jenny Brice says:

    32 female, retired school teacher now full blown housewife ! Addicted to reading blogs such as this.

  182. Miami Tours says:

    Retired and traveling. I enjoy reading blogs and this one is no exception.

  183. But you know who I am. 🙂


  184. 2nd year University of Miami law student. Thanks for all of the great posts, and I hope to take a few courses with you soon. (They keep filling up before my registration time!) Did you get out to the David Byrne concert last night? Unbelievable show!

  185. Anderj says:

    A dutch lawyer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I picked up your blog sometime after the 2006 elections when I was lining in New York. Stuck around since then.

  186. michael says:

    I think there are seats in both of my classes for the Spring. And if there are not now, experiences suggests there will be by the end of add/drop. (It’s not just personal — the things I’m teaching next term are luxury items like Jurisprudence and Internet Law; students get wait listed for basic courses, and transfer into them when seats open up.)

  187. Lori View says:

    Re: Bush – Final/shminal!

    Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence.

    Where did he get the power and authority to “commute” anything? Read Art. II, Sec. 2[1] of the Constitution: It provides for reprieves and pardons, but no commutation!

    State governors have commutation power, but not the President of the U.S.

    Law.com would like us to think he does, but if I can’t see it, I can’t buy it!

    Papa Bush “pardoned” Casper Weinberger BEFORE he was convicted. Gimme a break!

    Why is everyone playing ostrich?

  188. A female – don’t ask me for my age – who loves to travel, virtually and of course in reality.

  189. Kandi says:

    Female, 26, Vancouver, BC, working my way into law school…

  190. Angie says:

    I’m a software engineer from Toronto, Canada. I spend a lot of time on blogs between compiles.

  191. Nora Bombay says:

    I’m a manager at a professional society. I can’t remember where I first got linked, but I read via a LiveJournal feed. And you are awesome.

  192. KR says:

    Late 30’s white guy, management consultant, fairly liberal Democrat, passionately interested in your posts on abuses of executive power.

  193. eric says:

    Law professor in Greensboro, NC. Neo-anarcho-syndicalist, wannabe alt-country performer, fanatical fly-fisher. I’ve been reading Discourse for a few years and its consistently been among my favorites, especially among the various law professor blogs. I have a blog where I post sporadically, mostly political kvetching and music, seldom about law or teaching. About 12 people read it and I know 10 of them personally, so I’ve never been inspired to do a survey like this.

  194. dilbert dogbert says:

    I thought I did this back in the day. Anyway here goes again.
    Male, 73, retired NASA engineer. Spent all of my working lifetime sucking on the US gov tit in one way or another. Helped design things to kill Viet Namese back in the 60’s. Worked on the Lunar Surface Magetometer for a few years. Worked on basic missile structural dynamics information used in targeting MM3 plus Reagan’s PeaceKeeper in the late 60’s to early 70’s. Joined NASA to escape Nixon’s war on the So Cal defense industry. Had a lot of fun working on ways to improve the fuel efficiency of transport aircraft – studied the “modern airship” which gave me the chance to meet some of the old helium heads. Help build aerodynamic test facilities.
    Always interested in history but knew there was no way to make a living doing that. In history almost all things political, legal and military come together. I think I learned of your blog thru Brad Delong.
    Currently working on making our new house in the California foothills fit our needs. I read blogs, ride horses, ski, snowshoe, hike, kayak and race/cruise a small sailboat. The transition from NASA to retirement was easy as the last projects I worked on were shutdown when the full effects of the end of the cold war were realized.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  195. Retired AP foreign correspondent, Miami Beach, Democratic blogger, sailor.

  196. Lawyer and writer in San Francisco. History of activism on homeless rights and police misconduct issues. Trying to write a book on the Tule Lake internment camp site in Northern California.

  197. John Flood says:

    UK law professor who has visited at Miami. I like this blog because it covers a range of subjects I don’t find elsewhere. It’s intelligent, opinionated and direct.

  198. 38yo Attorney in Los Angeles. I enjoy reading your posts. Continue doing what you do.

  199. Just me says:

    About 30 yrs old – male – S.Fla. – lawyer – federal practice – larger firm – sick of lawyering – found your blog by accident – read it daily

    • Just me says:

      Someone commented on this string and it caused me to go back and see what I wrote when I first commented here. Some things have changed. No longer at a big firm. Have been either solo or two man law firm for about three years. Doing more transactional work and less litigation. Getting into real estate closings as well. Never been happier as a lawyer. Doing a full ironman triathlon in 18 days. Still in S.Fla. Still read the blog almost every day.

  200. nggmnt Rngs says:

    Wow there are so many comments here.. i love it

    anyways, I am a student plus businessman. I do websites and marketing. I somehow found this place but now i think i will be visiting this place regularly 🙂

  201. Late 20’s, asian, female, I specialize in technical writing for pharmaceuticals

  202. Levi Stahl says:

    35, Chicagoan, work in publishing, brought here by my vague interest in legal/constitutional issues. My closest real connection to the law is being on the board of a nonprofit legal clinic in my neighborhood.

  203. csrster says:

    Just someone who used to know you about 25 years ago!

  204. Chuck says:

    Long time lurker, some time commenter.
    60+ year old GrandPa, 20 year vet, been there, done some of that.
    A boomer who will be working for several more years. Thanks George.
    Really enjoy the information and discourse out here.
    Keep up the good work.
    Chuck, Capt., USAF (Ret)

  205. NSK says:

    26-year-old, ’09 UM Law grad. Heard about this blog in 1L orientation, and have read it since. Currently studying for the bar and working for a small insurance company.

  206. AGG says:

    36, Seattle, Wa, Patent & Trademark Lawyer, I love your posts.

  207. George says:

    I’m an Accountant working on a Masters in Public Administration degree because accounting can get monotonous. I’m married, have 2 young children, registered Republican but finding that I vote mostly Democrat. Raised in Louisiana but suffering through the South Florida heat for 25 years now.

    I came across your blog a month ago when I discovered local bloggers and am now a regular reader of your blog.

  208. Darryl Hill says:

    I’m a webmaster and I really like this website. Can i ad it to http://www.culturallycool.com ?

  209. Jeena says:

    I am a business owner. I am female in my early 30’s. I am glad I discovered this website. Looking forward to having many discussions here.

  210. I’m a 31 year old attorney, and I absolutely love your posts!


  211. CZHA says:

    Wow– quite a string of revelations since I added mine back when you first asked in 2005. I’m still doing the same work, but was forced to quit blogging (and to relinquish a silly nom de plume) years ago after some conservative donors discovered what I was doing.

  212. Jorge says:

    Came here following a link from the “Great Orange Satin ” back when dinosaurs still roamed the inter-tubes.

    Former Miamian, Love the “U” from the days of Otis Anderson and coach Fraser not just Howie, Jimmy and Dennis. I never went there tho. I couldn’t afford it.

    You help me keep up with the city/county and it’s Banana republic ways. I’m also a rare endangered species…. A Cuban born Progressive Liberal. Don’t give the Brigade 2506 boys my IP… They make tea baggers look like rank amateurs in the looney tunes department.

  213. mkhall says:

    I can’t recall how I first ended up here, but it was many long years ago. I think the RFC on the Image tag was still in discussion, though.

    Me, I’m a 51 year old writer and tech guy who just relocated to DC after 41 years in South Florida. I like to keep up with your site for the glimpses into alien cultures – Academia and The Law – your political insights, and just to see what another antediluvian blogger is up to.

  214. Mike says:

    Early 30s, UM employee for the last 10 years, about to take a job elsewhere in IT Security. Was fortunate enough a number of years back to visit you and receive some important campaign advice.

  215. 62 yo MD commercial real estate broker; Legal Recruiter previous 20 yrs. Run Accolade Bullmastiffs from a PA farm in my spare time. Need a Baltimore office? Large protective Canine new family member/pet? I ‘m easy to find!!

  216. 62 yo MD commercial real estate broker with extensive exposure to the legal profession incl 20 years as a Legal Recruiter.

    I’m also half of Accolade Bullmastiffs; we breed AKC registered Bullmastiffs, both pet and show .quality.

    I represent local landlords with reasonably-priced space of all kinds; if I can assist, don’t hesitate..

    And, I enjoy the exercise I get here.

  217. joel dobris says:

    i am a retired law professor in northern california.

  218. concerned says:

    I’ve been w/you from the beginning. Retired paralegal formerly of Maine now Florida.
    Keep on keeping on!

  219. I’m a 58-year old retired lawyer in Richmond, VA. I am fairly active in (liberal) politics and am described as a “Community Volunteer” in most of my Board activities.

  220. hp lehofer says:

    Judge and blogger (on telecommunications, broadcasting and media law) in Vienna, Austria (also blogged at the currently hibernating English language blog “content and carrier” on European electronic communications and media law).

  221. I’m a Computer game designer and academic, whom you met at the State of Play conference in New York back inthe days when Pluto was still a planet. I started to read your blog for the Internet law and governance material, but now it’s my main source of sane comment on the toings and froings of US politics.

  222. Owolabi toyosi says:

    I’m a nigerian just 13.i am gonna finish secondary school at the age of 14.will i be accepted into a university in australia or would i be sent back to high school

  223. Ned says:

    I’m a retired biologist, living in Switzerland. I first started reading your site during the Iraq war-

  224. Alison (nee Rumph) Trembly says:

    It’s great to see that my 1978 Pres Scholar friend is not one iota less curious, erudite, or irreverent after all these years! I appreciate the vast range, enthusiasm, and moral passion of your blog whenever I stop by. I’m a nurse practitioner in hospitali medicine/neurology at the Jersey Shore, happily remarried, mother of 4 adult kids, and grandmother of 3 little boys! “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” Very best regards – A.

  225. David says:

    I’m currently an undergrad in New York, though I’m from Miami. I’m an aspiring social scientist and active in progressive politics. I’ve been reading the blog for several years. I enjoy it all, but I’ve been particularly grateful for your coverage of local politics — it’s a great service to the community.

  226. A. Pav. says:

    Electrical Engineer, now engineering manager. Used to think about law as a second career but bot realistic. I find the technical and practical insights useful – what tools you use, what security holes you come across – you function as an aggregator of these things. I appreciate the insights into the legal side of privacy issues as well as the political insights. I stopped being a regular/daily visitor after your illness and work/family forced me to prune my blog reading way down.
    Just a lot of my interests/views parallel yours and you add depth to my understanding. Some of that confirmation bias amplification of the internet going on here – nah, I knew I was right before.

  227. Neil Clark says:

    Late to the party as ever…I’m one of the lucky few who enjoys their job (I work on a Forex desk) My friends would describe me as being “left of centre” and I’m happy to have stumbled across your blog.

  228. Pending admission on comity in our new home state

    Twenty five years of federal constitutional law and federal civil rights law practice, from traffic court cases following demonstration-related arrests to US Supreme Court cases on the limits of government power to interfere with free expression.

    Nearly a decade teaching advanced constitutional law topics and trial practice in an ABA accredited law school’s Washington, DC semester program.

  229. Nouf says:

    I’m a Sheffield PhD student in Linguistics

  230. Pail Contreras says:

    Yes, Michael, I am a diehard who reads your posts and find these informative and thought provoking. Also it keeps me close to those times back at Yale of our conversations like this that defined who we were and yet to be. Good to know you have kept that spirit and drive alive. Keep the flame alive!

  231. Whale Fur says:

    I am just a white trash hick from West Virginia who happened to be born with much higher than average cognitive ability. I have been trying to make sense of your site (acdca) for a while now. Who are you people? What is at the end of the maze of patents, articles, Epstein’s black book, etc? It feels like I’m just missing a piece of the puzzle. I found info in the page sources, changing the urls… it never ends. Or does it?

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