Zanita E. Fenton to Join UM Law Faculty

Prof. Zanita FentonI'm very pleased to announce that Zanita E. Fenton, currently an Associate Professor at Wayne State Law School, will be joining our faculty next year as a full Professor. Zanita visited here last year, and I'm looking forward to having her back permanently.

[Update: I have no idea why Zanita's picture won't show up in some versions of IE.]

[Update 2: I have no idea why adding


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3 Responses to Zanita E. Fenton to Join UM Law Faculty

  1. Altoid says:

    Well, congratulations, I suppose, and it *is* a personal blog and all, and it’s probably just me, but . . . I’ve never liked these hiring announcements. In my book they’re completely appropriate for a first hire straight from grad school, or for a very visible position like a dean. But when I see announcements like this one, I see cherry-picking, and crowing about it, to boot. I know a lot of Florida institutions do it, and Texas too. Very convenient for them, but they make other institutions bear the costs of developing their faculty for them. Not so nice for Wayne State.

  2. michael says:

    Speaking as a faculty member at a place that loses people to top-shelf institutions like Berkeley, I couldn’t disagree more. Losing people to even nicer places helps you recruit exciting junior faculty who hope to repeat the process. Their presence enriches the school while they are around, and the turnover caused by their departure (as with every departure) helps keep us all fresh by making room for new ideas.

    Anyway, I like Zanita, and I am genuinely glad she’s coming back. If my saying so happens to promote UM a little, well, so much the better…

  3. Bricklayer says:

    I liked that movie the first time when it was called the Donna Coker show.

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