Schiavo Case Almost Led to State Cop v. Local Cop Showdown

According to today's Miami Herald, Jeb Bush ordered state cops to grab Terri Schiavo at a point during the judicial proceedings at which, due to Florida's automatic stay law, such a move would arguably have been if not legal at least not in direct violation of a court order. The automatic stay law suspends a judge's order when the state appeals it. (Judge Greer reimposed his order within a few hours.)

Local cops apparently didn't get the word, or didn't want to go along with the sneaky move, and were prepared to stand off the state cops.

Participants in the high-stakes test of wills, who spoke with The Herald on the condition of anonymity, said they believed the standoff could ultimately have led to a constitutional crisis and a confrontation between dueling lawmen.

“There were two sets of law enforcement officers facing off, waiting for the other to blink,” said one official with knowledge of Thursday morning's activities.

In jest, one official said local police discussed “whether we had enough officers to hold off the National Guard.”

OK. We dodged that bullet. But kindly remind me how many microns separate us from banana republics with warring paramilitary forces.

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6 Responses to Schiavo Case Almost Led to State Cop v. Local Cop Showdown

  1. Barry Freed says:

    This induced the nomally staid goody two-shoes Kevin Drum to wax scatalogical on his blog. He called Jeb Bush “batshit insane.” Personally, I think that’s an insult to guano.

  2. Jason says:

    Dunno how many microns separate us from banana republics now, but it’s fewer now than it was.

  3. Jeb Bush in the hospice door?

    “Hydration now! Hydration tomorrow! Hydration forever!”.

  4. Pepsiholic says:

    Sort of sounds like the Gonzalous case when Clintons goons used Federal Marshalls to nab him….

  5. Cote says:

    Protect the right to die

    Has anyone thought of requesting (getting an order from the Court) that the mother and the father of this poor woman pass a psychiatric test? No parent claiming that they love their child would treat this human being the way the Schindler have. Ths is abuse beyond abomination and absolute and pure folly.

    As a parent myself, I ask, please, get these people psychiatric help; eveything possible should be done (get a court to take their rights away, if necessary) to let this incapacitated woman, who seems to have no sense of her surroundings, die in peace.

    Stop the media circus and stop the abuse of the Court system.
    She is not an animal that one puts on display for a fight that she wants no part of.

    Is there mercy left in this world?

    Claude Côté
    Montréal Québec

  6. Aaron says:

    Ah, but Mr. Clinton’s goons were sent in to enforce an order of a court. Jebbie’s were sent in to violate one. Or at least to slip through a loophole. One that might have proved extraordinarily dangerous.

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