Jeb Bush’s ‘Culture of Life’ In Deadly Action

Jeb Bush is all for 'life'…as long as it doesn't get in the way of more tax cuts.

Agency probes group homes' deaths: A federally funded watchdog group is investigating the recent deaths of four disabled Floridians amid an aggressive campaign by the state to cut millions of dollars from programs that provide medical care for disabled people in community settings.

Two developmentally disabled adults who lived in group homes in Brandon, and two others under the care of The ARC in St. Lucie County, have died since October 2004, a month after the state required the operator of the two Brandon group homes to change the way residents received nursing care.

A woman at one Brandon home developed such a severe infection at the site of her feeding tube that she has been hospitalized in intensive care since Feb. 13.

Will we see Randall Terry demonstrating about this outside the statehouse? Somehow I rather doubt it.

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2 Responses to Jeb Bush’s ‘Culture of Life’ In Deadly Action

  1. Côté says:

    Has anyone thought of requesting (getting an order from the Court) that the mother and the father of this poor woman pass a psychiatric test? No parent claiming that they love their child would treat this human being the way the Schindler have. Ths is abuse beyond abomination and absolute and pure folly.

    As a parent myself, I ask, please, get these people psychiatric help; eveything possible should be done (get a court to take their rights away, if necessary) to let this incapacitated woman, who seems to have no sense of her surroundings, die in peace.

    Stop the media circus and stop the abuse of the Court system.
    She is not an animal that one puts on display for a fight that she wants no part of.

    Is there mercy left in this world?

    Claude Côté
    Montréal Québec

  2. david s says:

    It would be interesting to know if the parents, Mr. & Mrs Schindler, have written ‘living wills’ themselves and whether they want to be kept alive on at all costs no matter how debilitated or brain damaged they might become.

    Has anyone asked them??

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