Email Issues (Tempory)

For what seem good and sufficient reasons, my normal email account at UM will be down for the next couple of days, starting immediately. In theory everything will forward to gmail, but my experience is that this never works right, plus gmail randomly flags real mail as spam (and piles of spam as real mail). And gmail feels so slow compared to PINE.

So if you really want me to get your email between right now and Monday, don't send it to my university address, send it to the address described cryptically in a form I hope foils spammers.

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2 Responses to Email Issues (Tempory)

  1. cafl says:

    Use gmail as a pop server — it works well, and you can read your mail in pine if that’s your preference. I actually have found the spam filter works well at gmail. Do you religiously train it?

  2. Jack says:


    You might find this of interest:


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