Too Good To Be True

I was actually modestly cheerful this morning, reading about the Bush administration coming out against some of the most atrocious farm subsidies.

It would be nice to have a government initiative I could actually agree with.

Comes now Brad DeLong, assisted by Mark Schmitt, to bring me back down to earth…where in fact this is just another example of the Washington Monument ploy, or perhaps even just an other episode of Dingbat Kabuki.


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5 Responses to Too Good To Be True

  1. Brad DeLong says:


    Ahem: When the fourth para of the NYT story begins, “The new chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, and more than 100 farm groups are gearing up to fight the White House proposal…” you know it’s dingbat kabuki to the max!

  2. Paul Gowder says:

    I’m not sure I get the reference to dingbat kabuki (and that link doesn’t help). Does this mean that W. is dressing up like a woman and tossing about references to the Edo period? Because that would be terribly entertaining.

  3. Michael says:

    Just google this, which takes you to this.

  4. Paul Gowder says:

    aaaaaah, it’s all clear now. Cute. I’m going to have to steal that term.


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