The Arrogance of Power

Secretary On the Offensive: SecDef Donald Rumsfeld no longer even bothers to pay lip service to the idea that Congress has a right to oversight, information, or to question.

The GOP now seems to have embarked in the sort of hubristic fall that seems to come to all one-party governments eventually. The remaining questions are the rate of decent, and the degree of collateral damage to the rest of us on their way down.

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One Response to The Arrogance of Power

  1. Chris says:

    Weeell. Let’s look at the bright side of things. Sure, Rummy was arrogant and uninformative. But imagine the scene that would have ensued if the man actually answered their questions with something like the truth. It would have led to an undignified for members of congress run around in a panic shouting WE’RE DOOOOOMED. The man was simply being respectful of decorum up on the Hill.

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