Eric Muller on Thomas Woods

Fresh from demolishing Michelle Michel Malkin, Eric Muller of UNC Law School turns his attention to the problem of the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History a hack named Thomas E. Woods.

Reading Muller's account, Woods is revealed as an incompetent historian (it's so bad that one has to suspect that its partly deliberate falsification) and retrograde partisan. Yet, he has become a darling of a chunk of the right-wing's media class and the book is a mid-rank bestseller. You'd think the TV types would know better, especially given what Eric reports about Thomas Woods' role as co-founder of the neo-Confederate and secessionist League of the South, and a number of his statements on race relations — statements of the sort that one usually expects people to camouflage behind a white pointy hood.

Eric Muller on Thomas Woods I

Eric Muller on Thomas Woods II

Eric Muller on Thomas Woods III

Eric Muller on Thomas Woods IV

Eric Muller on Thomas Woods V

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2 Responses to Eric Muller on Thomas Woods

  1. Steve says:

    It’s “Michelle Malkin”.

    A rose by any other name.

  2. Spelling. My Achilles heel.

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