Stephen Vladeck Will Join Our Faculty

I am pleased to report that Stephen I. Vladeck will be joining our faculty next year. Steve has already made a name for himself, at a horribly young age, as a fierce advocate for the rights of those detained without trial. His scholarly writing promises a great academic future.

We interviewed several other impressive faculty candidates before the vacation, and have plans to interview a small number of candidates in the next few weeks. Given the quality of the field, I think it is highly likely that we'll make more offers. (Exactly when is harder to say.)

Note: As I am a member of our Appointments Committee this year, I wouldn't ordinarily post anything about our hiring until the appointments season was over, for fear that it might annoy the extraordinarily fine candidates we interviewed later than Mr. Vladeck and haven't yet gotten around to voting on. I'm posting this because I found the announcement on the law school's public web page, which suggests that it's not exactly a secret.

Don't panic, dear candidates, we interviewed him very early.

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2 Responses to Stephen Vladeck Will Join Our Faculty

  1. eszter says:

    Okay, now I feel old. By the way, I think they misspelled his BA honors thesis on that Web site. It should probably say “Leipzig’s Shadow” instead of “Leipzeg’s”.

  2. Michael says:

    It’s only fair. Think how old you make me feel…

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