Party of Sleaze to Codify New Low Standards

Well, that didn't take real long, did it? Fresh from having hands slapped for ethics violations, but flush with the power of a larger majority, the House leadership, read “DeLay”, have decided to make ethics inquiries harder to begin and install a more pliant chairman to the House Ethics Committee. A few people have even noticed that this doesn't look good, but no doubt the votes are there.

Meanwhile, several weeks after being promised I'd get a letter telling me how she voted on the DeLay Rule, my Congresswoman has singularly failed to contact me. When I get back to the office next week, I'll be writing the Miami Herald about this sterling constituent service.

The good news is that ordinarily such arrogance brings parties down quickly. The bad news is that gerrymandering makes it harder for the democratic system to function. Florida, after all, is a 50/50 state but the Republicans have large majorities in the state legislature and the congressional delegation. And as the Soviets used to say “This is no accident.”

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