Blogware Obsolescence Creeps Up

Six Apart released a patch to MT 2.661 and 3.x that fixes a hole which would allow evildoers to send email to third parties. Unfortunately, the patch is not promised to be compatible with lower versions, such as 2.64 which is what I'm running. I purposefully didn't upgrade to 2.66x because I didn't like some of the new improved features. And I didn't go to 3.x because some of my favorite plugins won't work there and it would require some redesign of the site, which would take time.

But it's increasingly clear that I'm reaching the end of the line. Sooner or later I have to either go to 3.x, which is hard, or to WordPress, which will be a very very hard conversion, especially for the archived posts.

I have other things to do.

Meanwhile, I've loaded up the patch despite the lack of warranty. Please drop me a note if something seems weirder than usual.

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5 Responses to Blogware Obsolescence Creeps Up

  1. Brad DeLong says:

    WordPress. If you’ll be the WordPress icebreaker, I’ll follow…

  2. Michael says:

    Maybe this summer…

  3. eszter says:

    If you guys realized how easy and convenient it is to install and work with WordPress you wouldn’t be commenting on it and would just switch already! I didn’t know any php or css when I started, but was able to pick up the necessary amount quite quickly. I have now installed it for my 25 students and am running it for various project blogs as well. More and more people are switching, don’t be left behind!:-)

  4. eszter says:

    By the way, regarding archived posts, couldn’t you just leave them where they are? If comment spam is a problem, you could just close comments. WordPress does have a feature to import archives from other programs. I haven’t tried it, but if it’s anywhere close to as simple as the rest of it then it shouldn’t be too difficult.

  5. michael says:

    I am using wordpress very happily for my courses and for other things. But, ideally, I would like an elegant way to have all the blog postings under one roof.

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