A Koufax Nomination (re: Torture Memos) I Might Actually Have a Chance At

In my third (wow!) Koufax nomination, Discourse.net is nominated for The Koufax Awards: Best Series for my item on the Bybee Torture Memo.

This isn't like my other nominations, where although I'm delighted to be in their company, I think other people so clearly deserve to win that it would be a travesty to vote for me. I could cope with this one.

So, please, if you liked the series, go vote — once.

Oddly, even though the nomination is for a series, it doesn't mention the several related items I wrote, including:

Update: The nice people at Wampum have included the whole list now.

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6 Responses to A Koufax Nomination (re: Torture Memos) I Might Actually Have a Chance At

  1. MB says:

    Michael, would you like me to add those in? I just posted the one included in your nomination, and didn’t think to look for others.

  2. AB says:

    I voted…where’s my sticker?

  3. AlanDownunder says:

    I’d be interested to learn how the Yoo/Bybee/Gonzalez legal advices about torture coincided with Maj-Gen.Miller’s posting to Gitmo. I suppose it’s too much to hope that his orders (a) were written and (b) will ever become available.

    from …

    “Twenty-three terror suspects tried to hang or strangle themselves at the US military base in Guantanamo Bay during a mass protest in 2003, the military confirmed today.

    The incidents came during the same year the camp suffered a rash of suicide attempts after Major General Geoffrey Miller took command of the prison with a mandate to get more information from prisoners accused of links to al-Qaeda or the ousted Afghan Taliban regime that sheltered it.”


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