Nice Work If You Can Get It

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Very Easy Job: Watch Me to Make Sure That I Study For Law School

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Date: 2004-11-04, 5:48PM EST

I'm a first year law student but I've been having terrible concentration problems. I need someone to sit with me while I study and make sure that I'm studying. Otherwise I'll waste hours surfing the internet or just thinking about random things. You can be reading the newspaper or doing your own work while you do this, you just need to be sitting at a starbucks table or other location with me. You DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LAW SCHOOL to do this job.

I'll pay more for people that can tutor me in Civil Procedure, Contracts, or Torts.

And this translates into practice how exactly?

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2 Responses to Nice Work If You Can Get It

  1. Barsk says:

    The link to the Craig’s list posting made it around campus about a week ago or so.

    As for how this translate into practice, 99.99999999% of what I do in/for class at school doesn’t translate into practice (OK, maybe I’m overstating it a little).

  2. Michael says:

    First off, this is homework, not class, and second I’m certain that far more than 25% of it will be relevant. Trouble is, it’s a different 25% for different people…

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