Croc II !

Seems like the capture of “Donna” (who turns out to have been a guy, hmm…) a few days ago isn't the end of UM's crocodile saga. Now there's a second croc in the lake at the center of campus: Crocodile hunt at lake proceeds. And, yes, rather than leave our top tourist attraction, those trappers are at it again:

Some students, passing by the scene, said they were sad to see yet another unofficial mascot on the lam from trappers. On Sunday, Hardwick bagged a nearly eight-foot male croc named “Donna” from the lake.

“I think they're probably safer here than they would be wherever they're taking them,” said Nadya Verier-Taylor, a freshman at the university.

“Nobody cared he was there until 15,000 news vans showed up. It isn't like anybody's dog's been eaten.”

Hardwick agreed UM really is a crocodile's paradise, with its calm, boat-free waters and ample food supply of Moscovy duck, turtles and fish but said relocating the scaly beast was in its own best interest.

“We wouldn't want him becoming someone's fraternity prank,” Hardwick said

Actually I think the croc may be smarter than me. UM is a great place to spend late December: warm, sunny, quiet (the students are mostly gone). Idillic, really.

But I'm leaving Saturday for Didsbury, which is at the south edge of Manchester in the UK. In December it's cold and wet and dark there. (AFAIK, no crocodiles, just family.)

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