Bush Health Story Won’t Quite Die

To believe this story, PHOTOS Show George W. Bush Seriously Ill Physically : Houston Indymedia, you'd have to believe that Bush's military doctor was lying when he said that Bush “remains in superb physical condition.” I tend to find that unlikely, although there are of course the FDR and JFK precedents.

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2 Responses to Bush Health Story Won’t Quite Die

  1. Hmmm … he was definitely wearing something, and we can deduce it was:

    1) Absolutely vital, since he wore it in such a public setting.

    2) Could not be minaturized.

    Condition #2 in fact rules out a wire – it’s so silly, a cell phone would be much less conspicuous and suspicious.
    He may wear a wire sometimes, but that bulge isn’t it!

    Qualifying speculations have been protective gear or medical equipment. The bulge has always looked to be in the wrong place to me to be protective gear (e.g. bullet-resistant vest “trauma plate”) – too high. Though I’m not an expert by far.

    Medical equipment? It does fit, but of course that’s not proof.

    I’m not impressed by his doctor’s statement. This administration’s views on reality are well-known.

  2. Romdinstler Jones says:

    You find it hard to believe that someone connected to Bush would lie? What kind of crazy, far-out planet have you been living on recently, anyway?

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