What? A Croc?

It seems that the scenic lake in the center of campus has attracted an unwanted visitor:

The Department of Public Safety, by permission of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, has arranged for the capture and relocation of a 9-foot, 250-pound American crocodile that has taken up residence in Lake Osceola. Pesky Critters, a well-known local wildlife control company, will be at the lake over the next few days until the animal is captured. Public Safety reminds everyone that this large, carnivorous animal is a protected species and, by law, should not be fed, harassed, or approached for any reason except by the Pesky Critters staff. There are no known attacks on humans by crocodiles in the United States, but that does not mean that if provoked or threatened it could not happen. Everyone is encouraged to follow the law and common sense by leaving the crocodile alone. Public Safety will monitor and report any changes in the status as they become available. Any sightings of the animal on land should be reported to Public Safety

Fortunately, I'm in DC visiting the folks for the next few days.

Update: Our crocodile seems to be bucking a trend in crocodile migration — most of them are going south.

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