Vote Suppression, GOP Style

Of course the GOP didn't want UM students to vote. And they made it as hard as possible. But the students out-waited them.

e-Veritas, 11-04-04—Students turned out by the hundreds on Tuesday to vote at the new campus precinct at the UM Convocation Center. The turnout apparently caught the Miami-Dade Elections Department unprepared, despite the fact that their rolls reflected that students had registered in record numbers for this election. Nevertheless, the intrepid students and area neighbors maintained their good humor and endured wait times of up to five hours — sustained by dozens of pizzas and crates of bottled water provided by the University. The total number of voters exceeded 1,000, and there were as many as 300 people in line at any given time. University staff and student leaders provided support and helped maintain order, and the last voters finally cast their ballots just after midnight.

On Wednesday, President Donna E. Shalala praised students for their “passionate commitment to our democracy.” She subsequently filed a formal complaint with the Elections Department citing “woefully inadequate provision of voting equipment and knowledgeable staffing,” as well as the department's “lack of flexibility and inability to adjust to what were extraordinary lines during the course of the day.” The president also requested that the elections supervisor come to campus to meet with student leaders and assure them of adequate preparation for the next election.

Once again Shalala seizes the moment — feeding and watering the students was a wonderful move.

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4 Responses to Vote Suppression, GOP Style

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    I realize this may be a trivial point, but isn’t the Miami-Dade elections office run by Democrats?

  2. Michael says:

    I thought these questions were decided at the state level — but you may well be right.

  3. Jean says:

    Well I’ll be danged. Good for her and good for UM. Makes me feel better about being a UM graduate.

  4. Barsk says:

    I am happiest when my University feeds and waters me. It doesn’t happen often enough.

    On a serious note, they finished voting sometime around midnight or so, 4.5 hours after the ‘official’ polling close.

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