If You Have To Think That Hard Maybe You’re Not Doing It Right

Yet another reason I'm glad I'm happily married: I have no part, or even interest, in this debate.

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2 Responses to If You Have To Think That Hard Maybe You’re Not Doing It Right

  1. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but no one uses the word continental anymore and to me, at least, kissing hands is equally wierd.

    Regardless, this is no nod to etiquette, and Pejman admits it. A man doesn’t grab a lady’s hand to kiss. She extends it.

    And the odds on that one are awful slim. So we go from the possibility of a cold fish kiss to a bodily assault? Great…

  2. lorri says:

    This happened in the ’90s. I was standing outside an office building in downtown San Diego, smoking a cigarette, when a man wearing a woman’s bra and panties (red!) as an outer layer over his men’s t-shirt and jeans came up to me and pantomined a request for a cigarette. I don’t know whether he was deaf or whether it was part of the underwear thing. I gave him a cigarette. He got a big smile on his face and took my hand and kissed it. When I described this incident to a couple of women after lunch, the most overtly religious person in the office said, “Eew!! I wouldn’t have let him get that close!”

    How old is Pejman, anyway: about 14?

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