Wonkette’s Expectations Are So Low…

Wonkette accepts the NYT's offer to craft a question for GW Bush:

Questions for Bush: Personal experience can often change political opinions. So, just hypothetically: Let's say your vice president's daughter was gay … Oh, wait. Umm … What if you were responsible for the biggest deficit in American history – oh, ha. O.K.: Let's say you invaded a country based on faulty intelligence … Er, oops … No, we got it: How did “The Pet Goat” end, anyway?

Can't. Resist. Low. Humor. “Wonkette Expectation Is So Low, It's Below the Belt”

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2 Responses to Wonkette’s Expectations Are So Low…

  1. Anon says:

    Can’t. Resist. Low. Humor. “Wonkette Expectation Is So Low, It’s Below the Belt” . . .

    . . . and around in the back

  2. dr. esther cantiglia says:

    the only problem is kerry talks over everyone,it is so utterly dysfunctional, arrogant and embarrasing,such an unconsious man,attempting to push,push,by tenacity,not experience his way into the presidency–are you all deaf??That is not a solution,he is a sociopathic mad man who can”t even date unless it”s a Kennedy or a Heinz….

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