Has the FBI Nothing Better to Do?

If the FBI is rational — bear with me here! — then its decision to allocate resources to trying to figure out who writes in the margin of library books in rural Whatcom County, Washington, suggests that it is vastly overstaffed. And if this is how the FBI spends its time, I can't imagine why we want to give it more authority…

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3 Responses to Has the FBI Nothing Better to Do?

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  2. Well, the conventions are over….so the guys that were busy harassing protesters have to pretend to fight terrorism in the meantime. And all the actual terrorists were probably taken.

  3. Mojo says:

    They’re probably just following up on their WWII investigations of Japanese-Americans. Since they were all disloyal (or we wouldn’t have shipped them off), they’re probably supporting al Qaeda today. It’s no coincidence that this library was in Area 1 of the Western Defense Zone.

    (Satire alert)


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