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Anupam Chander (who is both a blogger and Professor of Law at the University of California, Davis, School of Law) and JD student Ryan Walters have designed a little web site they call the Supreme Court Survivor game. Their objective is “to highlight the importance of the 2004 presidential election to the preservation of civil liberties in this country.”

Anupam, a charming person whom I met at a conference not so long ago, wrote me a nice note asking me to publicize it, so here it is.

There's no doubt that the next President will shape the court for a long time: there are liberal, conservative and fence-sitting Justices who are likely to retire. But, cute as it is, I have to wonder whether this game is entirely in good taste, and if as a pure tactical matter it's the best tool to raise consciousness about this critical issue. It seems to me that there's some danger it might backfire given the Chief Justice's coincidental illness.

Meanwhile, if there's an easter egg in there, I can't find it.

Update: When you tire of that one, and still want a political online game, you can play Enjoy the Draft's Spring Break Fallujah: The Game. I am still stuck on the first level, myself.

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  1. Thomas says:

    How odd that a law professor would think that racial preferences in university admissions are best thought of as a question of the rights of the university.

    Not even the liberals on the Supreme Court thought of it that way. The real “danger”, as we all know, is that the Supreme Court would find that there is a right to be free from racial discrimination in university admissions.


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