Nice T-Shirts, But Where Are the Bow Ties?

Orin Kerr, who should have his own blog, points us to these t-shirts for law students. Orrin says his favorite shirt is this one. I suppose I liked this one. I'll bet, though, they sell a lot of these.

Overall, though, I think I'll stick with thinkgeek and DespairWear™. But this was the best.

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3 Responses to Nice T-Shirts, But Where Are the Bow Ties?

  1. thomas says:

    “The Frowny shirt says so much while saying so very little. Like you. ” 🙁 despairwear

  2. thomas says:

    oh, i just reread this…i included the quotes to indicate it’s not directed at anyone, it’s just funny

  3. Dave Straub says:

    Not quite on topic, but I liked these, linked on BoingBoing today. Click my name.

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