Eric Muller’s Laptop Is Possessed

Eric Muller's laptop is acting up in a novel way:

Twice today my laptop has said to me, a propos of nothing, “What would you like me to say? You may type anything.”

I haven't the faintest idea why this is happening.

If the voice coming from my computer were John Ashcroft's, it might make some sense, but in fact the voice is that of a British woman.

Virus? Prank? Emergent, lonely AI? Demonic Possession? Surely if it were a mere virus, Google would have something on this by now….

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3 Responses to Eric Muller’s Laptop Is Possessed

  1. No, not possessed. I know this thing, its a banner ad for a program that lets you create online avatars for your website and make them talk, but for some reason it always starts a-talkin at least 2 minutes after you’ve navigated away from the page…

  2. That page doesn’t seem to have the name for it, but I believe its SitePal.

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