Can’t They Get Their Stories Straight (Neverending Bulge Dept.)

TalkLeft: Bush Needs to Get His Bulge Stories Straight. Is Karl Rove getting unhinged? How can they be so off-message on this one?

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2 Responses to Can’t They Get Their Stories Straight (Neverending Bulge Dept.)

  1. Bah, don’t be silly. Why would it surprise you the guy can’t tell a suit from a shirt?

    Now if they had proof he dressed himself…that’d shock the hell out of me.

  2. Mojo says:

    Give it a rest. OK, one more. The outline is from the small box of RDX that Iraqi insurgents hid on the bodies of each member of the administration after stealing it from al Qa Qaa. One terrorist was heard to say, “They’ll never find it there since self-examination is completely foreign to them.” The RDX that was hidden on the French Premier’s body was immediately located by the Bush administration and destroyed in situ.

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