The Calm Before the Storm or Non-Storm

The weather is here, and it’s nice right now. A friend has two kids over who have been evacuated from Miami Beach, and they are about the age of our kids, so we took our kids swimming in their pool to keep the them company. We were driven inside by a squall after about 30 minutes, a feeder band passing over we later learned, but that passed quickly and the weather turned nice, if sometimes blustery after that.

This morning I went out first thing to buy more extension cords, since in the course of the construction on our house some of the old ones went walkabout. Streets were nearly empty, but the hardware store, while heavily picked over, was not empty. They still had some batteries, for example; I left them there, since we have many and a generator, but not without a pang, remembering Andrew and those five weeks without electricity — two weeks plus without a candle or a flashlight or a clue (we had literally just moved here from London).

As for Frances, the possibility of anti-climax grows with each hour. I can only hope.

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2 Responses to The Calm Before the Storm or Non-Storm

  1. Relax, Professor, I’ve put up plywood for the first time since Andrew. Clearly, given my efforts, its now going to hit somewhere in California first.

    If I started regularly carrying an umbrella, it’d be a record drought.

  2. Mojo says:

    I sincerely hope that Francis is a huge disappointment. Good luck.

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