MIA: Facts

Things must be bad when even Howard Kurtz notices you are making stuff up:

Missing: 983,000 Tax Pages
: Looks as though President Bush is due for an audit of his tax code facts. “The tax code is a complicated mess,” he said in Bangor, Maine, on Thursday. “You realize, it's a million pages long.” Most Americans probably did not realize it was that long, because it is not. It is, in fact, 17,000 pages long, according to such experts as the conservative Heritage Foundation and Rep. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

Update: As the an commentator noted, this was by Dana Milbank, who's about as good as it gets at the Post. I hate to think what these proofs I'm working will look like when they are printed.

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3 Responses to MIA: Facts

  1. Vadranor says:

    Kurtz is as clueless as ever. The item to which you refer was in Dana Milbank’s column.

  2. John Kelsey says:

    I’m not a big Bush defender, but surely this was a figure of speech, not intended to be taken literally.


  3. william says:

    What John said.

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