Great anti-DRM Screed

Cory Doctrow has a marvelous explanation of why 'digital rights management' (building things that don't let you play digital content the way you want to) is bad business for everyone in the digital food chain. (Spotted via Joho the Blog)

I wish I knew how to make a .pdf file that looked this good and had all these cool clickable features. Wow.

UPDATE: After digesting Cory's somewhat gentle persuasiveness, have a look at Joho's own much more pessimistic take on what the pro-DRM people are thinking and doing. Hint:

they're going to win. They own Congress and neither Congress nor the entertainment cartel sees any reason to compromise. Their Lakoffian frame tells them that they're stopping theft, end of story. So they are going to kill the Internet and they don't even know it.

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2 Responses to Great anti-DRM Screed

  1. No kidding! I’m not even sure I remembered to read any of it, but man was that fantastic looking…

  2. davidk says:

    It’s excellent — well worth the read.

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