For Florida Residents Only: Cast Your Presidential Ballot Online

Due to the increasing doubts about the reliability of the Deibold voting machines, Jeb Bush & Co. have made available a more secure alternative voting platform, the Florida Election Ballot online. Now, if you are a registered Florida voter or know how to impersonate one online, you can cast your 2004 vote for President using this new service.

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One Response to For Florida Residents Only: Cast Your Presidential Ballot Online

  1. Barry Freed says:

    GOP Public Service Announcement: IMPORTANT! Attention: If you are a registered Republican voter and are intending to make use of the online secure voting platform that Gov. Jeb Bush has thoughtfully provided for those who may be unable to either vote in person at their designated polling site or have not yet filed a request for an absentee ballot then this message concerns you.

    ***Please make absolutely sure that you delete your browser’s web cookie file before returning to the site to vote again.

    Thank you for making possible another four years of Bush/Cheney.

    [Instructions for where to find your browser’s cookie file and how to delete it may be found on the website of the Republican Party of Florida:

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