Effective Propaganda

I have no reason to share in this flash movie's paranoid imaginings, and one good reason (Occam's Razor) not to. But as a piece of shockwave-flash craft, and as effective propaganda, Pentagon Strike is a model of its kind.

Update (9/6/04): Snopes debunks it.

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One Response to Effective Propaganda

  1. Mojo says:

    Well they’ve convinced me. It’s now obvious that aliens disintegrated American Airlines Flight 77 prior to impact but then accidentally crashed their UFO into the Pentagon. At least some of their crew must not have been on board though since they went around afterward modifying people’s memories. There must have been several aliens and they must not have been working in a coordinated manner since the stories of eyewitnesses were very inconsistent and reflected evidence of at least three mutually exclusive scenarios. There can be no doubt that at least three aliens are currently running around loose. They are probably no longer all on the East Coast either since I think I saw one of them campaigning against Barak Obama in Illinois. It turns out Michelle Malkin has been right all along; illegal aliens are the cause of all our problems!

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