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[Update: I believe this is fixed now, thanks to Matt.]

Something upset rendering on Safari (the Mac browser) yesterday. In response I rolled back just about everything I could think of, except the Kerry-Edwards button in the left column, which I just can't believe is the source of the problem.

As a temporary measure, I'm also only putting one day's worth of comments on the 'front page'. Yesterday's interesting blog posts can be found here.

If you are a Safari user, please let me know if this page is now displaying properly.

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6 Responses to Blog Debug Safari

  1. hilzoy says:

    Alas, no: the two columns (on the left and right of the main text) now sit on top of the main text. Also, this comment box goes on and on and on, past the boundaries of the rectangle in which (I assume) it should be, and into the peach-colored border. It’s possible to read posts, but only by clicking on whatever is available (‘Acquiescence’, this time), going to the previous (or next) post, and then back again. I only discovered this because the little I could see of your post made it clear you were looking for Safari debugging. Hope this helps.

  2. matt vanderzalm says:

    i’m guessing that there’s a tag that’s not closed properly somewhere. if i could get my printer working, i could attack this with a highlighter and figure it out pretty quickly. grrr… bad printer.

    wait… actually, i might have found it. at the end of your “angry bear is very angry” post, it looks like you didn’t close the li and ul tags. if the browser is still looking to close those tags it might explain why it wants to force the columns to sit inside the blog div, instead of lining up outside.

    give that a shot. if that doesn’t work (or if it doesn’t go away on it’s own, once that post gets kicked off the home page), i’ll see if i can suggest anything else in the morning.

  3. fact checker says:

    Matt Vanderzalm is on the money. I just copy n’ pasted the source, made the corrections he suggested (added a /li and /ul tag to the end of that post) and it displays fine in safari.

  4. fact checker says:

    And all is discourse goodness again. Cheers.

  5. Barry Freed says:

    OK now. Thanks.

  6. matt vanderzalm says:

    woohoo! i’m glad that’s all it was. i know how frustrating it can be trying to debug a freaked out stylesheet when you can’t duplicate the problem.

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