A Very Exclusive Club

My distinguished, articulate, and wry colleague Susan Haack, who holds a joint appointment in Philosophy and Law has been honored with inclusion in a book profiling One Hundred Philosophers : The Life and Work of the World's Greatest Thinkers.

Update: For those who do not follow the link, I should perhaps make clear that this does not appear to be a peer-reviewed production, but rather a well-illustrated list of the 100 greatest philosophers of all time — and not just Western ones. There's a page or so on each philosopher, nice graphics, and some potted outlines of major schools of philosophy. So according to Dr. Peter J., King, Ph.D. Susan is up there with Plato, Aristotle and K'ung-fu-tzu (Confucius). And Peter Singer.

Also, I've changed the link so that if you buy the book, a small commission goes to ICANNWatch.org.

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  2. Peter J. King says:

    Just a quick note of correction. I’m afraid that the Barron’s Web site (which is where I assume you found the details of my book) is rather sloppy and careless. I don’t have a Ph.D. but a D.Phil., which is the Oxford doctorate (oh, and it’s either “Dr X” or “X, D.Phil.”, not both). They also say that I’m a lecturer at Somerville College and Christ Church (both of which they misspell); I’m in fact lecturer at Pembroke College.

    The illustrations in the book are mostly nothing to do with me — and some of them are baffling. The ones that I vetoed were often either insensitive or based on misunderstandings; for example, a cine camera for Sartre (because of his play “In camera”!) and a sweet little railway line for Hare (because as a Japanese prisoner-of-war he worked on the Burma-Thailand railway, an experience that scarred him physically and mentally).

    I’m afraid that, despite multiple proof-readings on my part, typos have still got through; the editors weren’t terribly literate, and appear not to have bothered making all the corrections that I pointed out. The page design and illustrations also meant that my text had to be cut by between a third and a half.

    I hope that anyone who reads the book enjoys it; I enjoyed writing it, but my experience with the intermediary publishers (Quarto Books, in London) was depressing.

    Peter J. King


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