My E-Mail Is Hosed

My email at U.M. is 98% hosed. Random emails get to me quickly—but not many. Other ones get to me a day late. Many seem to bounce; for all I know some vanish. Outgoing mail from my UM account is also delayed or vanishing.

This is, to understate, very frustrating.

And the soonest I can hope for a fix is next week, since the entire IT dept. is doing things for student accounts this week.

If the fix doesn't come next week, I'm moving my center of email gravity to something private.

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2 Responses to My E-Mail Is Hosed

  1. Clearly a conservative conspiracy to stop the easy flow of information. Wouldn’t shock me, given the C.I.A.’s comfortable history at my old alma mater…Still, tho, I should still consider this claim that the CIA, through the Agency for International Development, continued to fund anti-Castro operations at University of Miami even as late as 2002 just lunatic fringe, right?

    Sorry for the conspiracy theory tangent in your organizational announcement, but I googled this by accident and it scared me a little, at least until I noticed the references to the 2000 election as the “George Bush Junta.”

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