Blogging Forecast

Light blogging forecast while I work like a dog for a few days.

Some political blogs that I read are especially good right now, including, in no special order, Hullabaloo, Brad DeLong, FafBlog, Is That Legal?, Whiskey Bar, The Daily Howler and The Cosmic Iguana.

And, I especially want to mention The Carpetbagger Report and TalkLeft, both which are going gangbusters this week, plus those other great blogs I should have mentioned above. Especially yours, of course.

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3 Responses to Blogging Forecast

  1. vole says:

    Nice! I’ve now got 380 feeds in my newsreader. I hadn’t read the Cosmic Iguana or the Carpetbagger Report before. Thanks for the tip.

    Some people say I’ve read the entire Internet. What little they (and I) know.

  2. fiat lux says:

    Fafblog is da bomb! Bow before Giblets!

  3. seven out of eight isn’t bad. But “Is that legal” is bending over backwards to be nice to krypto-nazi Michele Malkin.

    just because the guy is a lawyer, doesn’t mean his blog is worth reading. “Is that legal” is a perfect example.

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