Billionaires for Bush to Luxuriate in Publicity

Phil T. Rich, chief spokesman of Billionaires for Bush, has outlined an opulent set of plans for the coming weeks. Full details (from his email) below.

Far flung colleagues of inordinate wealth! Our hour has come. The battle is upon us. The streets of New York await! Join Billionaires for Bush at the Republican National Convention for…

$ Croquet in the Park
$ Vigil for Corporate Welfare
$ Taunting of the Unemployed
$ Coronation Ball for George Bush
$ and more…


New York City, Sunday, August 29, on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

We will gather in front of the Plaza Hotel at 12 noon. With the flags of all our state and chapter delegations fluttering in the wind, our decal-decked limo, freshly returned from it's “Get On The Limo” tour through the Midwest battleground states, will arrive to a hero's welcome. The muscular sounds of the “Let Other People Go Hungry” March Band will resound through the air, and we will set off towards Madison Square Garden to thank President Bush for all he has done for the corporate elite, firing champagne corks at any throngs of scruffy middle-class protesters we meet along the way.

If you plan to attend the Million Billionaire March, sign up here:

Formal attire is required. For fashion tips, see:

Join us also at the many other events we have planned for the RNC. See the full calendar below.

Visit or call the B4B hotline at 1-216-803-0990 for the latest info.

If you'd like to travel to New York for the Million Billionaire March and need lodging, or if you live in the New York area and have room for another Billionaire in your mansion, or for general inquiries, contact Jen Trivication

FULL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS —————————————————————————

We need volunteers and creative help for all of these events. If you're interested, e-mail Join the fun!

August 29, Sunday, 10am, Central Park (specific location TBA)
In very hush-hush behind the scenes negotiations Billionaires for Bush convinced the NYPD to bar hundreds of thousands of anti-Bush protesters from Central Park's Great Lawn, so that our members could honor a previously scheduled game of croquet. This is the first step in the Billionaires' “Get off the Grass” campaign to privatize Central Park.

August 29, Sunday, 12 noon, in front of the Plaza Hotel (SW corner 59th St. & 5th Ave.)
Billionaires for Bush from all across America – from Beverly Hills to Grosse Pointe to Wall Street – will converge on the streets of New York for a massive “Million Billionaire March” to celebrate President Bush's favoritism towards the corporate elite. Dressed in tuxedoes and evening gowns, marchers will gather in front of the Plaza Hotel at 12 noon and proceed towards Madison Square Garden, firing champagne corks at any throngs of scruffy middle-class protesters they meet along the way. Limo and marching band to accompany; formal attire required.

August 29, Sunday, 4:30pm, Theater District
The Billionaires for Bush will welcome Republican delegates to New York's theater district on their first night on the town.

August 30, Monday, 2pm, Union Square & again at 4pm, United Nations
Billionaires for Bush will hold a series of vigils to bear happy witness to the no-bid contracts, tax-abatements, corporate subsidies, and public property give-away's that the Bush administration has bestowed upon them over the last four years.

August 31, Tuesday, all day, details TBA last-minute on the B4B Hotline 1-216-803-0990 and at
Ruly bands of Billionaires will roam the streets of New York, stopping for three-martini lunches, spontaneous outbursts of ballroom dancing and en-masse shining of shoes.

September 1, Wednesday, 8am, “The Line” from Wall Street, up Broadway to 34th St.
Roving squads of Billionaires for Bush will taunt the worlds longest line of unemployed workers, with epithets like “Get a job!” and “It's your own fault!” while other Billionaires let them eat cake.

September 1, Wednesday, 9pm to 4am, The Frying Pan, Pier 63
On the eve of the nomination, Billionaires for Bush invites all supporters to join them for this most anticipated RNC party – a billionaire ball extravaganza to re-appoint George Bush. Formal attire required. Yachts will be docked nearby. Line-up TBA. 21+ Sliding scale from $15 to $1,000,000.

Billionaires for Bush is a do-it-yourself street theater and media campaign using humor to show how the Bush administration has favored the corporate elite at the expense of everyday Americans. Billionaires for Bush is organized as an independent 527 committee, with headquarters in NYC and over 70 chapters nationwide. For more information, please visit

This would be fun to watch.

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  1. MP says:

    There are between 3 and 7 million American citizens who are millionaires. Go ahead, keep bashing wealth.


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