ABC Visits Cryptome

John Young, the owner of Cryptome, is notorious for many things, one of them being an encrypted neo-Joycean prose style. So it's something of a shock to have him prodcue a more Hemmingway-like account of ABC News's Visit to Cryptome.

And, here's ABC News's Report.

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2 Responses to ABC Visits Cryptome

  1. He *can* write clear English, when he cares (or maybe, that’s when he doesn’t care). I’ve seen him do it on other occasions. It’s a bit like seeing an actor who usually wears ornate make-up (think modern Klingons) without all the fancy appurtenances.

    Deep down, I suspect he’s loving every minute of this attention.

  2. Mojo says:

    Are they going to caution Tom Clancy to quit writing books that could give terrorists ideas about how to attack us? (Especially since Clancy is much easier for the terrorists to understand than this guy.) If someone lists public domain information and that reveals security weaknesses, fix the weaknesses!
    It would be easier to just ignore this if it weren’t for our wonderful new laws that make you guilty of terrorism if you provide “support” to terrorists.

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