NYC Film Event

If you happen to be in New York city this Tuesday, you are invited to Cinewomen presention of a “mini-retrospective” of short films by my friend Eva Saks at the Pioneer Theater as part of a program called “LIFE: WILD, WOOLY & WONDERFUL.” Eva turned her back on a likely career as an academic to become an entertainment lawyer, and then turned her back on that to go to NYU film school.

The Cinewoman web site says,

Place: 155 East 3rd St. (off A)
For more info:
Box Office Opens: 6:30PM
Seating: 6:45PM
Free Beer/Pizza Party: 9:00 – 10:00PM

Eva has been writing to all her friends expressing the fear the theater will be empty, so it will probably be overflowing with interesting people, which could be fun.

Update: I will be in LA, but tell Eva I sent you…

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