Different Drum

I was thinking about Linda Ronstadt's problems that resulted from dedicating an encore of her signature song to an American film maker. My personal muse, UPN (the muse of bad taste), came to me. Here is what we wrought:

MICHAEL MOORE (sung to the tune of Desperado)

Michael Moore, what did you think you were doing?
You went out filming Iraq and Capitol Hill
Oh, you're a hard case
I know that you are from Flint
These things that outraged you
Can reach us somehow

Don't you count on Mike of Disney boy
He'll screw you if he's able
You know that Lion's Gate will be your best bet

Now you've made some good films before
I like the rabbit lady
But you had to make a movie about the mess in Iraq

Michael Moore, oh, you know you ain't Leni Riefenstahl
Your democratic vision is what really shows through
And Cannes, oh Cannes, that's just some people votin'
Your real reward should come on November 2

Don't you get sick of lying bullshit
The nonsense comes and the media ducks
it's hard to prevent truth decay
But you're fillin' theaters high and low
The people, they come anyway

Michael Moore, what will be your next film?
Tony Blair not a subject, maybe the AMA?
It may not be Fahrenheit, but it still will enthrall
And help us remember what made America great

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One Response to Different Drum

  1. Michael says:

    A scarier censorship than Ronstadt in Vegas, is this elimination of Doonesbury from a collectively produced sunday comics supplement by the publishers (not editors!) of several southern newspapers. To its credit, H. Brandt Ayers, the publisher of the Anniston Star (one of the best small papers in the country), protested which is how we know about it.

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