Compare and contrast: Will Lester, AP, Kerry's choice of Edwards received favorably by public, but doesn't change the race and Newseek's latest poll showing Kerry 51%, Bush 45% (Kerry 47%, Bush 43%, Nader 3% in a 3-way race).

Of course these are not necessarily inconsistent: Kerry's bounce could be independent of Edwards.

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2 Responses to Bounce?

  1. It all seems to be consistent, as I read it – the bounce, if any, is pretty small, a few points at most.

    “But those looking for a Kerry surge in the polls after he chose Edwards on Tuesday saw a shift of a few points, often within a poll’s margin of error.”

  2. MP says:

    Probably had more to do with Whoopi. How much longer will the dems hide that speech, and Kerry’s reaction, from the public?

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