Annoying Filter Update

Since the supreme court cares about the quality of blocking and filtering software, it may be appropriate to report that SiteCoach, the blocking software used on the internet kiosks in the lobby of the Amsterdam hotel I am staying in blocks Atrios for using the f-word, and the Volokh Conspiracy for “Forbidden Keyword free sox”. Actually, the “o” in that last should be an “e”—I'd post it more clearely, but that would just ensure I couldnt access my own blog any more.

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  1. “FREE SAX!!!” – see, that would imply there’s an interesting denial-of-service attack possible.

    I’m amused that it does’nt seem to care about my comment using the phrase “Child Porn”, where the phrase gets copied to the main page. It seems like that means something.

  2. Wait a minute…. this is Amsterdam we’re talking about, right? The freewheeling European metropolis that harbors all the evils of conservative nightmares? Where you can supposedly find female companions in shop windows?

    Hotel Networks by Ashcroft. Now available in the Netherlands.

  3. Jane Austen says:

    Free sax, reminds me of the good old Bill Clinton days. Well at least we got his blog

  4. peter jung says:

    I was marooned in Amsterdam some years ago as a result of a passport snafu. It was Christmas time, and some of the hookers were in their shop windows dressed up as Santa Claus (although a bit on the skimpy side.) One of them actually had plaster figurines of Blessed Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men in the background. In an apparent act of good taste, she left the baby Jesus out of her set decoration. I’m not making this up….

  5. clio says:

    Mr. Jung,

    Lord knows I believe you. Who would think of that kind of thing on their own? Who could?

    I’d like to return to the free sox, however. There’s a lot of the other stuff around. B-o-r-ing… but as the mother of a son with size 15 feet, who can destroy footwear in a single wearing, free SOX grab my attention.

    PS. I am presuming that the hotel has the usual movie fare available. It is truly a strange world we live in.


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