Useful Info on How to Choose Supermarket Fruit

Jill Hunter Pellettieri of Slate offers up timely advice in Eat a Peach – How do you choose the sweetest, ripest summer fruit?. Of course all the fruit at our local Publix which is larger than a grape tomato is also rock hard, so this article is more useful for daydreaming than actual shopping, but still…

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2 Responses to Useful Info on How to Choose Supermarket Fruit

  1. Lee says:

    I live in MA but originally am from the SE including GA. I have lived in MA twice for a total of 14 years and only once have I ever been to any supermarket and actually found a peach worth buying and it was from CA.

    We get small hard stones that have no smell or taste. Ugh!!

  2. Eli Rabett says:

    Three rules:

    1. Don’t buy fruit at supermarkets
    2. Buy fruit at farmers markets
    3. In extremis buy fruit at ethnic supermarkets but remember rule 1.

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