The Kindness (and Notice) of Strangers

I am very deeply grateful for all the kind comments and email that people have been sending me in response to my recent blog posts. And the traffic spike — about four times the old volume — is most welcome. Plus it's also fun to have so many new links that, however temporarily, has been promoted to a Large Mammal in the Truth Laid Bear EcoSystem (#343 on links, #66 (!!) on traffic).

One thing that I especially appreciate is being linked to by Ken MacLeod, who is just an amazingly wonderful science fiction writer. (Pity it has to be part of MacLeod's elegy for a better nation.) I think MacLeod's The Cassini Division is one of the best science fiction books of its decade (at least), and the whole series of which it forms a part is wonderful…even if I never did quite fit all the parts together…even if he says in one of his prefaces that we weren't supposed to be able to…

OK. Enough of that self-referential guff. Off to do some reading. Next post will be substantive, promise.

Update (6/16): This can't last, but today the stats are #243 for links and #34 for traffic.

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2 Responses to The Kindness (and Notice) of Strangers

  1. paperwight says:

    Thank you for the link to my small corner of the internet, BTW. My traffic has gone up as well, though I continue to be only a Flippery Fish (and hanging on to that by just one link).

    I’m sorry I didn’t thank you sooner.


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