Michael Moore’s 9/11 Rated “R”

The Cosmic Iguana reports FAHRENHEIT 9-11 GIVEN “R” RATING. The MPAA stated that the rating is for the film's “violent and disturbing images and for language”.

I haven't seen the film so I can't say I know this is wrong, but given the violence that gets allowed into PG-13 films — I won't take my kids to them (yet) — and the fact that the film is about what it claims are real rather than fictional events, I am suspicious. (On the other hand, Passion of the Christ got an “R” rating, and many people consider it to be all about Truth…)

Then again, if the film has, say, images of torture, do we want (older) kids to see it? Half of me says no, half of me says we should encourage them to see it.

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9 Responses to Michael Moore’s 9/11 Rated “R”

  1. Amardeep says:

    Maybe the MPAA should start special ratings for films that have ideological content. There certainly aren’t that many of them, so the ratings can be pretty customized:

    SP-13: slightly provocative (“Day After Tomorrow”)
    TTBS-13: trying to be subversive (“The Matrix”; “Fight Club”)
    DFASI-17: disturbingly flip about scary issues (“Dr. Strangelove”)
    PTCTTMBT-17: prone to conspiracy theories that may be true (all of Moore’s movies)

  2. Billmon says:

    It’s a good thing – PG-13 is the kiss of box office death. The R rating should boost the number of screens the theatre chains are willing to open it on.

  3. lux says:

    It’s not like an R rating is all that successful in keeping the kids away anyhow.

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  5. zapp'd says:

    One thing you are overlooking: These are one & the same kids who will be drafted into this so-called “war on terror” come next spring, should W swipe another election. When comparing propaganda, I find our Military’s “glorified” commercials FAR more deserving of an R rating than any movie that attempts to expose the absolute LIES that spew from these ministers of satan on a daily basis.

  6. Michael says:

    The R rating will keep many away as it did for The Passion of the Christ (believe it or not). There seems to be an anti-R-rating mindset out there–as if R stands for pure smut, nothing of worth. Slapping Farenheit with an R will give these mindset types the justification that the content of the film is worthless and incendiary. I think people who are really concerned about what is happening in the nation, though, even those who are curious to know what Moore knows, will come out to see Farenheit despite its rating. Living in Utah, the question of the month is whether a theater here will even show it. I can’t wait to see this!

  7. Night Owl says:

    Vioence? Take a look at a look at any of the most popular video games on the market, where kids get to pretend they’re slaughtering other people themeselves.

    The games are a great recruitment vehicle because in cyberspace violence is fun and and death is not the end of the game. The Pentagon can’t have the reality of actual war intrude on this fantasy version. Would be bad for business.

  8. Phill says:

    Relax, the kids who can’t see the movie can’t vote either.


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