June 23, 1989

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. We've known each other 20 years, more than half our recalled lives.

According to the Chicago Public Library, for the 15th, if I wanted to follow convention that would require either crystal (traditional) or watches (modern).

Nope. Not want I wanted to get or give.

So much for herd behavior.

Actually, the more I look a the whole list of traditional and so-called modern traditional gifts, the more repulsive (and arbitrary) it seems. “Furniture”? “Silver holloware”? (I had to look it up.)

Where do these silly lists come from anyway? Department stores?

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3 Responses to June 23, 1989

  1. Goldberg says:

    congratulations, Professor!

  2. Evan Roberts says:

    yes, department stores played a major role in making these gifts required.


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