Feed on Feeds Has a New Feature: “It works”

My blogreader is a server-side program called Feed on Feeds which makes up in power (a lot) what it lacks in elegance (there isn't much). The other day up popped an announcement of version 0.1.4, and I was planning to upgrade from 0.1.3. But now comes an announcement of version 0.1.5 with what Steve Munutillo, the programmer, says is has a feature that I suppose got left out of 0.1.4: “it works”. You should forget that 0.1.4 ever happened, and use 0.1.5..

Maybe I'll put off the upgrade a couple more days.

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  1. You are very smart, because 0.1.5 was followed up by 0.1.6. The installer in 0.1.5 was screwed.

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