Why Don’t I See This In My Newspaper?

Billmon at the Whiskey Bar has been doing a superlative job of collating and explaining the Iraq Atrocities scandal. I urge anyone who breathes to have a look.

For example: in Donald Rumsfeld's Battle With The Truth, Billmon contrasts some of Donald Rumsfeld's statements under oath with the the actual facts.

Why don't I see anything like this in my newspaper?

Here's just one of the many items:

“And when General Taguba came in and made his report, he indicated that a number of the issues that had been raised last year by the ICRC had, in fact, been corrected by the command structure between the time that they were observed by the ICRC and the time that General Taguba's team arrived on the scene.”

Donald Rumsfeld
Testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee
May 7, 2004

On at least one occasion, the 320th MP Battalion at Abu Ghraib held a handful of “ghost detainees” … that they moved around within the facility to hide them from a visiting International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) survey team. This maneuver was deceptive, contrary to Army Doctrine, and in violation of international law.”

Gen. Antonio Taguba
Article 15-6 Investigation of the 800th Military Police Brigade
May 7, 2004

(note: this is the only mention of the ICRC in the Taguba report.)

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2 Responses to Why Don’t I See This In My Newspaper?

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  2. Lynn says:

    Somebody needs to do an in depth investigation on General Taguba, this is a set-up perpetrated on the U.S. military and designed to embarass the Bush administration for purely partisan political reasons, some of the details are already starting to leak about Tagaba, this is going to be a huge story, bigger than the alleged incidents at Abu Ghraib.Some of the principals are ready to talk.


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