‘So Much for the Feminization of the Military, eh?’

Kevin Drum's guest writer today is Debra Dickerson a former military officer and currently a no-holds-barred writer. Strong stuff.

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One Response to ‘So Much for the Feminization of the Military, eh?’

  1. MP says:

    Don’t worry, just as extremist muslim men are outdoing the rest of the world in the “atrocity” department, so too their women:
    “Chechen women were the perpetrators of the Moscow attacks. In the first incident, two Chechen females, one only 20-years-old, strapped explosive belts containing metal pieces around their waists and went to an outdoor rock concert. There, they detonated their deadly packages fifteen minutes apart at the concert entrance, killing 14 people and wounding 53. A second incident saw a 22-year-old ‘Black Widow’ attempt to enter a fashionable Moscow restaurant with a sports bag containing ball bearings and 400 grams of explosives.”

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